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What was the last game you Platinumed?

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User Info: toadieman

4 years ago#161
Demon's Souls
PSN: toadieman

User Info: wstfld

4 years ago#162
Last Played: FTL (9.5/10)
Now Playing: XCOM Enemy Unknown, Civilzation V, FTL

User Info: ThePatrick

4 years ago#163
Ryûga gotoku 2 HD
Ryuuga Gotoku (Yakuza) series text FAQs available at GameFAQs
PSN: hatoriki_kai, XBL: hatoriki, YouTube: ryled, Twitter: @Hatoriki, Me: Bored

User Info: Dorfmann_

4 years ago#164
Sound Shapes
PSN - Dorfmann

User Info: Quiet_Earth

4 years ago#165
Mass Effect

User Info: DefYouth

4 years ago#166
I know that this is vitriol, no solution spleen-venting, but I feel better having screamed, don't you?

User Info: zyrax2301

4 years ago#167
Kingdoms of Amalur

Easy plat, just wish I hadn't found the Silence Falls glitch and had to start over. It took me a week longer than I thought it would...on the upside, I played as a mage as well as a rogue, and that was fun.
Why? Because **** you is why.

User Info: ChubbierTube

4 years ago#168
Mass Effect 2
Nurse Marcie: Do you like my body, Joey?
Joey: =)

User Info: KOTRwhoops

4 years ago#169
First, last and only:

God Of war II
PLAYING - Torchlight II (PC), Walking Dead (360), Okami HD (PS3)
MOST WANTED - FFvsXIII, GTAV, Ni No Kuni, Tales Of Xillia, Lightning Returns

User Info: JurassicBond

4 years ago#170
Okami HD
Reading: A Memory of Light - Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson
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