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Do you agree with this Best RPG Ever list?

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User Info: skyshot16

4 years ago#111
its missing elder scroll"s games, skyrim and oblivion are awesome RPG's

User Info: Silverhawk8109

4 years ago#112
FF XII and X should be higher on the list. But its awesome to see Crono Trigger as #1. I agree with that 100%

User Info: Keranik

4 years ago#113
From: hmonghero90 | Posted: 12/30/2012 1:36:41 AM | #014
-Damien- posted...

20. Demon's Souls
19. Witcher 2
18. Paper Mario
17. Suikoden 2
16. FFX
15. Valkyria Chronicles
13. Mass Effect
11. Pokemon Gold/Silver/Whatever
10. Final Fantasy Tactics
9. Baldurs Gate 2
8. Final Fantasy VII
7. Final Fantasy IX
6. Planescape Torment
5. Dark Souls
4. Xenoblade Chronicles
3. Final Fantasy VI
2. Persona 4
1. Chrono Trigger

For me, it's yes and no.

Yes I like the fact that the 2 Souls games made it to the list.
No, I don't like that they rank too low. Persona 4 or Xenoblade over Dark Souls, gimme a break. and Demon's Souls number twenty, that's a ******** joke

Failed! No, Tales of series!!

+ No Earthbound... has to be a joke topic.

User Info: DeeJayTechnika

4 years ago#114
From: TheWarHorse | #018
Hell no.. and nobody else should either. A legitimate list wouldn't have JRPG's on it. I know that's an unpopular statement on this Japanophile board but it's a fact that most real gamers can agree on even though I'm sure many here are in denial.

Why is that? There were some good JRPGS made (though not from this gen).
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User Info: rhys855

4 years ago#115
Romangelo posted...

automatically failed list.
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User Info: grungastzenki

4 years ago#116
MT_TRAEH posted...
could be worse...

I agree. At least they got the number 1 right. CT is the best RPG ever

ValedictorianXD posted...
By the way, if you want to see a trainwreck of a list, check out this link:

could be like this list. Skyrim as number one what the F***************ck
I am an epic junkie

User Info: Sayoria

4 years ago#117
No Dragon Warrior 7. So a straight up HELL no.
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User Info: Dark_Zeno

4 years ago#118
megaultrarice34 posted...
Needs more Radiant Historia
Radiant Historia is a amazing game and deserves more recognition.

User Info: Skunkdog1

4 years ago#119
20. Demon's Souls
18. Paper Mario
16. FFX
8. Final Fantasy VII
7. Final Fantasy IX
5. Dark Souls

the following should be removed.

if theyre going to put a paper mario game on here it should be TTD. in fact if theyre going to put any mario RPG on here at all it should be LOFTSS

User Info: Overlord Hikash

Overlord Hikash
4 years ago#120
FFVI above VII? Sold!

Actually, it's missing a couple things that would make a list for me; Eathbound and Valkyrie Profile
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