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Why do gamers with a huge blacklog buy games when they have unplayed ones?

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  3. Why do gamers with a huge blacklog buy games when they have unplayed ones?

User Info: Chargrilled

5 years ago#101
izza20 posted...
1. Limited editions.
2. Niche-ey games that may only have a limited production run.
3. Anticipation for a game beyond anything in their backlog.

If none of those three are satisfied, sure, I'll wait until it's cheaper.
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User Info: comingbackdown

5 years ago#102
I have a backlog of 20+ games. Why did I just buy another 20ish? Sale. Incredible freaking sale. I may forget the games in my backlog and run with these, or I may wait two years to play them. Either way, they're all games I've been wanting to play for ages, and I got them dirt freakin' cheap even compared to current retail prices. Can't argue with that one. But I'm done buying games for now. TIME TO FREAKIN' PLAY THEM!

User Info: SomnusNemoris

5 years ago#103
I'm with TC. I was going to buy Hitman: Absolution the other day because it was on Amazon's lightning deals for a ridiculously cheap £14 (games here are £40) brand new, but I thought "Why?", I already have so many games in my collection unfinished. If I eventually clear them I can then pick it up, and for probably cheaper again.

User Info: boofie

5 years ago#104
To support the industry.

User Info: Vidius101

5 years ago#105
Just to have the newest. Just a little thing called keeping up with the jones.
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User Info: Lightning_fan

5 years ago#107
boofie posted...
To support the industry.

Seriously its better than pirating a ton of games.

I think TC is maybe envious (which is fine) and then maybe mad that the people in question do not play all the games.

Different people have different gaming styles.

Many of us like to finish games but some people love experiencing a ton of games at once.

User Info: ps3_gamer_norge

5 years ago#108
rschrake86 posted...
ps3_gamer_norge posted...
2 reasons:

I'm not poor and I have more money than time. ATM I have about 80 games something as a backlog.

Chipping my way through them though

LoL. He's also a cheater. Some of his games are locked out. PSNProfiles ONLY do that under suspicion of modding/hacking/cheating.

Locked out? I'm gonna assume you mean the platted games that does not have 100%. That is because there have been dlc trophies I havent acquired. If that's not what you mean then I really have no idea.

Either way, you're wrong.

User Info: XplodnPnguins92

5 years ago#109
i buy when they go on sale.

User Info: oo7demonkiller

5 years ago#110
because i always like to have something to play next.
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