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C/D Metal Gear Solid 4 is one of the most overrated games this gen.

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User Info: OEIO999

4 years ago#61
C, loved playing it (watching it), but now that I look back. It wasn't as good as its predecessors and definitely didn't amount to its hype

Like others have said, not enough gameplay content (because that was some innovated gameplay). I hated every one of the bosses, if they weren't a total rip off. They were un-interesting, lacklustre and sex-symbols? (Wtf!) not counting Vamp...I think. Many of the cutscenes were just nonsensical, especially that of big boss. And this may be a personal complaint. But I DID NOT like the fact they turned him old. First of all, there was only ONE console game with Snake as the main protagonist. So that kind of tarnishes his image. Second, his back-story for being old, is quite frankly one of the dumbest story I have ever had to witness. I also didn't like this whole Liquid-Ocelot, in the end just Ocelot thing. I thought it could go somewhere, but it didn't. And that's pretty much all my complaints of the game

User Info: FishOfPain

4 years ago#62

Sure, it isn't as good as the earlier games, but it's a fitting end to this part of the series, and I can really think of several other games that deserve the "overrated" award more than this.
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User Info: TheWarHorse

4 years ago#63
Confirm, of course. That game was awful.. but that's not a huge surprise. I just can't get past the really ridiculously silly bad b-movie quality storyline and the dumb kiddy toilet humor those goofy games have. MGS4 was the worst of them.
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User Info: Dantechan

4 years ago#64
Rydiafan013 posted...
TC Halo fanboy ??

MGS4 was a masterpiece

Halo sucks.

You must be a MGS fanboy

User Info: OZ_Archangel

4 years ago#65
Deny big time. This game was epic and awesome. Great game to close the story for Solid Snake. Hideo is a genious. All game devs should take notes. Make fun gameplay and mix it in with a kick *** story and awesome cinematics and you can turn your company into a success, why else did he branch off Konami and make his own studio to make even more money for himself
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User Info: wefest05

4 years ago#66
deny. people have been bashing the story since the second so i've probably heard all that before. but to say the game is clunky and the gameplay is bad i can't agree with. this game is one the cleanest this gen hands down. a lot of crappier games have sold a lot more than mgs4 did and are way worse. ff13 and the new RE's come to mind real quick.

User Info: NeoTimeDevourer

4 years ago#67
Deny. The award goes to Mass Effect 1-3.

A mediocre 3rd person shooter / dating simulator with a sub par - "kill the doomsday alienz" - story. And yet millions swear by the series.

User Info: OZ_Archangel

4 years ago#68
Dantechan posted...
Mass_Carrier posted...
From: Dantechan | #001

It's probably the worst mgs game out there. The gameplay is a huge step down from mgs3, there is not enough gameplay and too many cutscenes...which are boring as hell and have bad writing. Final boss was the weakest of all the mgs games. Act 1 and 2 were good but it went downhill after that. Bosses were mediocre in this game.

If by "final boss" you mean the fistfight, you need to do less drugs, because by any standards, that was an incredible moment. Boss fights might not have been that great, but outside of the MGS1 bosses + The End/Boss, I think most MGS bosses aren't that great.

No, because the final boss of mgs4 was the same exact thing as the final boss of mgs1. I expected something different and better. Not to mention, the final boss of mgs4 might have been epic story-wise, but gameplay wise it was mediocre. Even Gene from portable ops was better.

How can you say the final boss fight was lame? Snake was on his last legs and old man going to die he wasnt young anymore. What other type of boss fight can you have ontop of a giant ship hangar the size of like 10meters? A fist fight only with CQC. They had no weapons also soldiers will fight like this if they had too. Dont knock the final fight it was awesome and epic and story wise it just hits you. Good way to end the game it was perfect. If you want over the top gameplay and boss fights MG revengence is the type of game it seems and to me that doesnt feel like a true metal gear game
"Why do you hesitate to extend the power of Macedon - your power"-Alexander The Great

User Info: TheJabberw0cky

4 years ago#69
when compared to the others this one was just plain to easy. atleast in my opinion the octo camo really ruined the game for me. Not to mention it was cutscene after cutscene. not a bad game and not on of the most overrated but still not the best in the series.

User Info: spectermaster14

4 years ago#70
Gameplay-wise, aside from the dumbed down camo system, I'd honestly say it was the best. So glad Peace Walker brought back its crouch walking. But the story, cutscenes, and direction ruin it entirely for me.
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