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C/D Metal Gear Solid 4 is one of the most overrated games this gen.

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User Info: Dantechan

4 years ago#71
OZ_Archangel posted...
Dantechan posted...
Mass_Carrier posted...
From: Dantechan | #001

It's probably the worst mgs game out there. The gameplay is a huge step down from mgs3, there is not enough gameplay and too many cutscenes...which are boring as hell and have bad writing. Final boss was the weakest of all the mgs games. Act 1 and 2 were good but it went downhill after that. Bosses were mediocre in this game.

If by "final boss" you mean the fistfight, you need to do less drugs, because by any standards, that was an incredible moment. Boss fights might not have been that great, but outside of the MGS1 bosses + The End/Boss, I think most MGS bosses aren't that great.

No, because the final boss of mgs4 was the same exact thing as the final boss of mgs1. I expected something different and better. Not to mention, the final boss of mgs4 might have been epic story-wise, but gameplay wise it was mediocre. Even Gene from portable ops was better.

How can you say the final boss fight was lame? Snake was on his last legs and old man going to die he wasnt young anymore. What other type of boss fight can you have ontop of a giant ship hangar the size of like 10meters? A fist fight only with CQC. They had no weapons also soldiers will fight like this if they had too. Dont knock the final fight it was awesome and epic and story wise it just hits you. Good way to end the game it was perfect. If you want over the top gameplay and boss fights MG revengence is the type of game it seems and to me that doesnt feel like a true metal gear game

Story-wise it might of been pretty cool, but gameplay wise it sucks. The controls are stiff during that battle, and its not really that challenging. And whats so great about fighting ontop of a giant ship hangar anyway? And just because the fight was cqc doesn't really make it cooler, the CQC in RE6 was better lol.

And revengence will probably be better than the entire mgs series gameplay wise anyway.

User Info: ModernFOXX

4 years ago#72
deny. but this is coming from someone who never played an mgs before this one. it came with my ps3 when i bought it. Although this sci-fi story and setting (sci-fi was all i can think of, correct me if im wrong.) was weird to me, i absolutely LOVED IT! Mostly because it was all about stealth and stealth games are my favorite type of game, but it was still one of the funnest games i've played this gen. I didn't understand the story very well, and skipped most of the cut scenes, but the gameplay was just too fun to quit. I'm 16 now and still play it from time to time. but the multiplayer i was terrible at, and would just play "prison" and other party like games.
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User Info: fasterthanfast

4 years ago#73

Sorry but this is ridiculous.

User Info: DethSnake

4 years ago#74
D. Not at all overrated but rather ACCURATELY rated especially for the time it came out.
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User Info: The_Undying_84

4 years ago#75
mgs4fan540 posted...
Everyone who said C is obviious either never played the game or just plain haters...or trolls.

Mgs4 is the best game this gen for so many reasons. Great bosses, good story and characters, replay value, graphics, etc everything.

All of you who said Confirm obviously have bad taste and do not know what a good game is

No. I'm a fairly big MGS fan (ex: I was crazy enough to play MGO2 for more than 5 minutes), but MGS4 is crap. The bosses are much worse than any other MGS (Maybe not 2, since that only has like 5 real bosses), it made every character worse and the new ones were bad, the ending was absolutely awful, and the game play is extremely easy since the enemies are all to distracted to ever detect you and you can effortless kill everybody if you do manage to get an alert.

It's easily the worst story wise and probably the worst game play, depending on how you can still tolerate 1's dated-ness.
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User Info: XFactor1

4 years ago#76

Boss fights in past Metal Gear games required way more strategy.


User Info: Desperado19

4 years ago#77
D. Because on the whole most of the other people I've talked to about MGS4 agree with me that it is quite a good game, but definitely a step down from 3.

So by that logic it can't be overrated.

Also the most overrated games this (and last) gen are the games of the Halo franchise.
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User Info: Ultima_Weapon33

4 years ago#78
It was mediocre for its series. All the other games blew me away more than 4. I was dissapointed especially in how lame the Codec was compared to 3 and even 2... and even 1. There were no OH **** moments in the codec like in 1.

Overrated, though? I don't think people really hype up 4 that much and it's better than a lot of games. The graphics and gameplay are pretty damn solid.
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User Info: JCY24

4 years ago#79
IdTheDestroyer posted...
Deny. One of the best this gen. Masterpiece in my eyes.

User Info: JCY24

4 years ago#80
If the fight with Ocelot was "the same" and boring then you clearly, CLEARLY didn't beat the other games or have recollection of. It was a brilliant conclusion with so much history wrapped into that fight, it was just, man, words don't explain. The game itself was pitch perfect. Long cutscenes? Really? Clearly those saying that have never played Xenosaga. Bad gameplay? Huh? I just can't find any flaws outside of nitpicking(pushing triangle in the microwave chamber? really?)
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