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name a high profile game you have NEVER PLAYED

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User Info: HopeWithinChaos

5 years ago#61
Pac-man. I think I've won here.

User Info: Chargrilled

5 years ago#62
Anytthing sports or fighting related

Say, madden or marvel vs capcom
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User Info: ps3_gamer_norge

5 years ago#63
Metal gear solid, although I have bought the trilogy for vita and ps3

Edit: I mean the HD collection. I remembered there's only 2 of them on vita

User Info: the_requiem

5 years ago#64
I'll give you six: Final Fantasy VII-XII.

Though I just started playing IX due to a error where a friend gave me FFIX instead of Xenogears [wrong disc in wrong cover].

EDIT: Forgot to mention, Zelda and Metroid and Mario Kart and any Nintendo game released after SNES.
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User Info: ventus_wind

5 years ago#65
MacBookAir posted...
Final Fantasy because it's stupid.

Your stupid.
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User Info: Mass_Carrier

5 years ago#66
Mario Galaxy
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User Info: pacpuf7249

5 years ago#67
Any Final Fantasy
World of Warcraft
All Elder Scrolls
F-Zero GX
Star Fox 64
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User Info: LloydIrving84

5 years ago#68
The only COD I've played (post-MW I guess, I think I played Big Red One) is MW3.
Dark Souls
Until very recently, Bioshock.

Those are the only ones coming to mind right now, there's probably a bunch more though.

User Info: retep_one

5 years ago#69
shadow of the colossus
assassins creed series
dante's inferno
gears of war
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User Info: SchaerMann

5 years ago#70
HopeWithinChaos posted...
Pac-man. I think I've won here.

Nope. Donkey Kong. Never played it, even though it was readily available, never wanted to. Played the crap out of Burger Time, though.
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