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Sorry Xbox, but PSN is much better than Live

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User Info: kidcrumb

4 years ago#271
Im a pretty big PS3 fanboy but i stand by Halo being better than killzone. I mean did you play killzone 3? The gameplay is good but the story and plot is all over the place and annoyingly underdeveloped. There is a ton of backstory to that series that isnt even hinted at in the games.

Gears also has a craptastic storyline. Its just a kill everything type of game with 0 depth and a tacked on story. The background and universe is rich, but its not prevalent in the games at all. The games should be more about the conflict not about grab nuke, nuke underground. Which is literally the entire game. The sequels are exactly the same.

Uncharted has amazing gameplay. Its fun, addictive, and the animations are great. Those big set pieces are cool, the story is engaging, the games are great.
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User Info: Spiroth_Kweehh

4 years ago#272
mcsmellington posted...
Spiroth_Kweehh posted...
hyjinx17 posted...
Just my humble opinion

2) (2nd Bold Part) Apps:
-Netflix PS3 > Netflix 360, no extra cost.
-Home >>> anything on 360. Awesome games in there.
-VidZone >>>>> anything on 360. Best music service in the world.
-Playmemories Studio >>> anything on 360. Best picture gallery service in the world.
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What extra cost for Netflix on 360? and I know for a fact Crunchyroll and Youtube are on xbox now, just fyi

Oh, I didn't say these Apps aren't on 360 (Although I know Playmemories Studio, HOME and Vidzone aren't, which pretty much makes PS3 better in the App area), just listed all the Apps I have downloaded. 360 could have as many or even more.

As for extra cost for Netflix and other 360 Apps, correct me if I'm wrong:

-Netflix (and other Apps) on PS3 = Netflix cost + ISP cost.
-Netflix (and other Apps) on 360 = Netflix cost + ISP cost + Gold cost.

Correct me if I'm wrong in anything, as I don't have access to most of these Apps (most are not available in my country, I wish Netflix was), but really, Playmemories Studio, HOME and Vidzone are something else.

Add Bluray, 3D, Music Unlimited, and VITA/PSP connectivity (Remote Play, AdHocParty, Cross Play, Transfarring, Cross Buy, Cross Controlling, etc), and imo this area is clearly in PS3's favour.

Heck, just for Playmemories Studio and Vidzone alone. They are just so awesome.

Does the PS3 have an exclusive 3D mode or something? Just because the 360 also does 3D, depending on the game. Is this not the same thing?

Also, I think you're vastly over estimating the PS3/Vita connectivity. The Vita's been out for almost a year, and the best Sony have done is allow Remote Play on a about 5 games, Cross Controller on one game (I think), and Cross Play/Buy on a couple of insignificant titles, one of which is considered a flop. Transfarring has only been done by Konami hasn't it? It really isn't very impressive, and doesn't look like it'll be improving any time soon.

Except PS3 having way more games in 3D, I was talking about Bluray + 3D, that's why it's next to Bluray.

As for PS3/PSP connectivity, again we're talking about the "App aspect" of it.
You can control PS3 through a VITA/PSP. Watch your movies. Music. Pics. Playmemories Studio, Vidzone. Socialise. Play your games. PS+ giving the best VITA games. etc.

And no lol.
Tons of games use Cross Buy (they must be dozens by now), Remote Play (5? LOL. PS1 Classics alone are over 100, and again we were talking about the "App aspect") and Transfarring (keep in mind, that I'm talking about the feature of Transfarring, not the exact software. In example, Cloud cross save).
As for Cross Controlling, again, I was talking about the "App aspect" of it, but LBP2 also uses it which is an awesome start.

Btw, I don't care what you consider a flop, it's irrelevant to the discussion.
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User Info: Severspine

4 years ago#273
Another day, another console war.
Why the mods gotta be hatin'? :/

User Info: foodeater4

4 years ago#274
I dont really see $60 for a live as a lot of money. Plus you can often find it cheaper. I've paid $40 for live every year I had it. Maybe even cheaper back before it went up. But even if you pay $60, thats $5.00 a month. Sure I'd love to pay $5 a month instead of all of it up front, but for the amount of hours I use it, its the best deal in entertainment out there

The only other thing that comes close for me was an MMO subscription but even now a lot of thsoe are turning free.
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User Info: Warhawk

4 years ago#276
Fou Lu posted...
As someone with both a PS3 and 360, with Xbox Gold, nope, PSN is horrible. Netflix doesn't let you browse on the PS3, you're forced into their little "suggestions". PSN is free, which brings in the worst players, as I play Mass Effect 3 on both consoles, and the PS3 community is bad, REALLY bad. The store is set-up poorly, almost as bad as Nintendo's, PS+ is nothing but a rental service, but ok, the sales PS+ gets are pretty impressive. Let's not forget the horrible download speeds, then having to wait for it to install. There's also the fact you can't mute mouth-breathers unless the game has it built-in, while on the 360 you can mute every single person not on your friend list by default.

On the other hand, yes, there's no point to the stupid ads on Xbox Live when you're paying for Gold. The TV/Movie section is a waste, as is the Music section.

Forced with suggestions on Netflix on PS3? Funny it wasn't like that during my free trial of it. There was a section, "suggestions" but other than that it was like how it was on Xbox360. How do I know this? That's cause I seen someone access Netflix on his Xbox360 and it was basically the same how it was from what I could see at the time I had the free trial of it. I honestly don't know where you're coming from at all.
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User Info: SCStunner316

4 years ago#277
As a user of both, the only things I can agree on in favor of PSN over Live are the following:

Not needing to be a Plus member to enjoy Netflix and other apps.

It's stupid, that you have to pay twice to enjoy Netflix on your Xbox. However, everything about Xbox's interface (Dashboard vs XMB) and it's Live service is much better than PSN. Someone in the first page mentioned about finding out what you just did (Trophy) and it's a pain in the ass to get to it. I love what PS+ offers from a retail standpoint, but Microsoft has Sony beat when it comes to interfact and integration.
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User Info: Spiroth_Kweehh

4 years ago#278
Xenobow posted...
I have both what is better is only Free anything else almost better on Live if not all.
I don't care that much about those what really care is that Live has better games.
XBLAs > PSN games.

PS1/PS2 Classics.
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User Info: Spiroth_Kweehh

4 years ago#279
jubjub360 posted...
I think it's funny how people keep saying that PS+ is better than Live but what they are failing to mention is that you have to continuously pay for it or else all those free games that you have? Poof! Out and into the wind.

Just like you have to continuously pay for Gold, or else online? Poof! Out and into the wind.

Now that we pointed the obvious out of the way, and cancelled both ways points, PS+ still gave me these in less than 60 days:

-LittleBigPlanet 2
-Infamous 2
-Ratchet & Clank : All 4 One
-Motorstorm Apocalypse
-Resident Evil 5 : Gold Edition
-Just Cause 2
-Crysis 2
-Batman Arkham City
-Batman Arkham City Catwoman Bundle DLC
-Mortal Kombat (PS3)
-Bioshock 2
-Double Dragon Neon
-Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit
-Scott Pilgrim vs The World
-Cubixx HD
-Big Sky Infinity (PS3)
-Knytt Underground (PS3)
-Gotham City Impostors
-Guardians of Middle-Earth
-Big Sky Infinity (VITA)
-Knytt Underground (VITA)
-Super Stardust Portable (PSP/VITA)
-Tales from Space : Mutant Blobs attack) (VITA)
-Chronovolt (VITA)
-Mortal Kombat (VITA)
-Gravity Rush (VITA)
-Uncharted : Golden Abyss (VITA)
-Playmemories Studio
-12 Avatars to keep forever.
-65 Dynamic Themes to keep forever.
-2 GB CLoud Storage.
-Dozens of Full Game Trials.
-Auto-Sync for trophies any time I want even if I'm not home.
-Auto-patch my games, any time I want even if I'm not home.
-Auto-Upload to CLoud any time I want even if I'm not home.
-Auto-update my PS3 system whenever an update is available even if I'm not home.

And on 16th/23rd January, Jet Set Radio (VITA) and Pinball Arcade (VITA) respectively.
And I missed Deus Ex : Human Revolution and Red Dead Redemption, by just a few days
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User Info: Spiroth_Kweehh

4 years ago#280
Maxx_the_Slash posted...
-Damien- posted...
- Did I mention FREE?

1. You get what you pay for. Pay nothing, get nothing.
2. Uh... yeah, you mentioned that once or twice.

-Damien- posted...
- Better interface design, better online store

1. As for the interface (I assume you mean the XMB Menu VS. the dashboard?), the PS3 has it's categories laid out horizontally and each one's options laid out vertically, while the Xbox 360 has it's categories vertical and their options horizontal. In other words, SAME ****ING LAYOUT.

2. As for the store, with it's older interface you had a valid argument. It's **** now with it's redesign. Though I don't know why anyone should be complaining, both shops are easy to navigate. Move with the directional pad, press a button. How challenging.

-Damien- posted...
- Easier to manage account (try to cancel Live auto-renewal, good luck with that)

Irrelevant. No one should be using anything except pre-paid cards to pay for Live (they come with no automatic renewal). Why use credit cards? So someone can hack into their accounts and play games online for free forever while the original owner wonders why the money in their checking account keeps decreasing at regular intervals. Go pre-paid.

-Damien- posted...
- PSN Regular account >>> Live silver account
- PSN Plus >>> Live gold account

1. Gold membership fee = STABLE SERVERS. I felt I should capitalize those two words so you'll better see exactly what PSN doesn't have.

2. Playstation Plus is useless. What does it have: Exclusive avatars and themes? SNORE. Free games? No, they're not free, you still have to pay the PS+ membership fee to be able to get them, and you lose them unless you keep paying that fee. Essentially you're paying $50 per month to RENT games for a while. Congratulations.

-Damien- posted...
- Trophy is way better than achievement

Both are equally worthless and create whores that will do anything to have all of them. The real winner is Nintendo for staying out of that fad.

Continued next post -->

Bold Part.

43 Euros for 17 months after my Christmas discount and free SONY giveaways.
50 Euros for 12 months normally.

lol at lying.
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