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Sorry Xbox, but PSN is much better than Live

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Gandalf the Istari 4 years ago#291
I don't really play online much on my PS3 but the one area I have used - the PS store is magnitudes worse than xbox marketplace. It's slow, confusing, poorly organized. The first week or so I had my PS3 I was turned off by the entire OS/PSN because of their horrible design.

TC's post reeks of fanboyism so no point in really arguing though.

User Info: LAGswitchLARRY

4 years ago#292
Yet another bitter Ponie trolling the ps3 board since psn is so phail

Better Apps
Xbox Live Gold > PS+ (I have both though so I'm good)
SmartGlass is pretty cool
Achievements track the same way trophies do and also score you
XBL Rewards
Much better and easier social interface
Freedom of icon & avatar
Party Chat & Beacons
MUCH better notification system
Integration with Messenger and soon Skype
Access from Phone, Tablet, and Computer
Hosts its own servers, resulting in much more stable online than PSN
Better Store transactions (I used to think Microsoft points were stupid but they make everything even)
Also canceling Live renewal is easy. Settings -> Account -> Manage Live -> Cancel Renewal

Forgot to add: Option to change ID
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User Info: jubjub360

4 years ago#293
kidcrumb posted...
Im a pretty big PS3 fanboy but i stand by Halo being better than killzone. I mean did you play killzone 3? The gameplay is good but the story and plot is all over the place and annoyingly underdeveloped. There is a ton of backstory to that series that isnt even hinted at in the games.

Gears also has a craptastic storyline. Its just a kill everything type of game with 0 depth and a tacked on story. The background and universe is rich, but its not prevalent in the games at all. The games should be more about the conflict not about grab nuke, nuke underground. Which is literally the entire game. The sequels are exactly the same.

Uncharted has amazing gameplay. Its fun, addictive, and the animations are great. Those big set pieces are cool, the story is engaging, the games are great.

Yeah I did play killzone 3 and it is magnitudes higher than any halo game past 2.

Well if you ignore the story and then just post BS then yeah I can see why you think that way.

Lol no. It's a third person shooter. Gears had better set pieces. Story is simple: find treasure, get betrayed. That's pretty much all of the uncharted games. First one didn't really include betrayal but 2 and 3 did. It's pretty much Indiana jones before crystal skull which... Isn't really saying much (I'm not saying Jones did it bad, I'm saying Jones did it better.)
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User Info: MourningReigns

4 years ago#294
Kage_AM2 posted...
It's basically the same thing. There's no reason Microsoft should be charging for it.

There is a reason Microsoft should charge for it, because people will pay.
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User Info: angry_cowtipper

4 years ago#295
jubjub360 posted...
angry_cowtipper posted...
Steam is better than both

Just because of sales and that's all.

Nah. Stuff like cloud saves that you need PSN+ or Gold for are free.
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User Info: boredofyou

4 years ago#296
LAGswitchLARRY posted...

Forgot to add: Option to change ID

So, I'm pretty sure free means you can have as many accounts/online IDs as you please.
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User Info: Dack_Lancer

4 years ago#297
the fact im even on this board? PSN free yes go play your music and talk to your friends at the same time? o wait you cant!!! laggy free internet your market is slow as hell if you cant afford 40-60 a "year" i pity you idk why you even got a console
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User Info: LionheartCJ

4 years ago#298
MacBookAir posted...
Plus, if you can't do $60 you must be really cheap/poor. Just get Xbox Live cards.

$60 to use a service is abit steep, no matter what way you want to look at it. Not everyone has a spare $60 to throw around all the time - The Legend Of Don Piano

User Info: DreamGoddess1

4 years ago#299
You people ragging on the poor who don't wanna deal with costly service fees for something that should rightly be free. You're a bunch of elitist pissants and the internet would be better off without any of you. Go away and crawl back under your rocks with your elitist views.
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User Info: nonexistinghero

4 years ago#300
- FREE, FREE, FREE <-- Sure
- Better interface design, better online store <-- False, it's pretty much objectively wosre.
- Easier to manage account (try to cancel Live auto-renewal, good luck with that) <-- Outside for cancelling, they're pretty equal. Though I think it could be much better.
- PSN Regular account >>> Live silver account <-- I suppose this is true, since online gaming with Silver is very limited.
- PSN Plus >>> Live gold account <-- Hmm... I actually think this is true these days as well. Not at first, but there's a good amount of 'free' stuff and discounts on tons of good stuff as well. I suppose the free stuff falls awa when you stop subscribing, but it's still beter than XBL's offerings.
- Trophy is way better than achievement <-- False. It's worse. Games installing trophies every time you start it up. Trophies need to be synched manually if you don't have +. Takes long to load up than achievements as well if you want to see them.
- Better apps, better Netflix <-- I don't give a damn about apps, but doubt this is true. Probably equal.
- NO Advertisement, TONS of advertisement in Live <-- Get some f***ing glasses -__-
- NO Stupid Kinect **** <-- Which has nothing to do with Xbox Live. Aside from that, PS Move is almost just as bad.
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