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Sorry Xbox, but PSN is much better than Live

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User Info: datopgamer

4 years ago#71
As a person who has PS+ and Live Gold I can honestly say Steam blows them both away. Better sales, better servers, better interface and better chat system.
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User Info: IChangedMyName

4 years ago#72
MacBookAir posted...
Being a Sony fan for so long, but recently just getting a 360 I can say Live is so much better.

Better Apps
Xbox Live Gold > PS+ (I have both though so I'm good)
Achievements track the same way trophies do and also score you
XBL Rewards
Freedom of icon & avatar
Party Chat & Beacons
MUCH better notification system
Integration with Messenger and soon Skype
Access from Phone, Tablet, and Computer
Also canceling Live renewal is easy. Settings -> Account -> Manage Live -> Cancel Renewal
Option to change ID

I have to agree with these points and deleted the invalid ones. The Xbox 360 Blade UI was much, MUCH better than the current ad infested crap.
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User Info: crunchb3rry

4 years ago#73
"Sorry not every one is in as good as a financial position as you. Some people just can't afford XBL so PSN is better to them."

Dude, it's $60 a year, not a cellphone plan.

User Info: zerooo0

4 years ago#74
Ah Fanboyism. One of the strongest cases on this board. It's like a never ending sickness that never goes away, and shows how immature people really are.
Average mind set of SOME GFaq Users
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User Info: buggerme1

4 years ago#75
Just my humble opinion

-Yes it’s free but you get what you pay for.
-The interface has some nice features, but the new online store is clunky as hell.
-Simple solution, don’t use auto-renewal? And what about the fact that PSN forces auto renewal when you add a plus account, ok you can remove it but if I’m only buying 3 months or whatever there’s probably a reason for it!
-I do agree you get more for free on PSN so I’ll give PSN that one
-What do you get for plus exactly? I bought a couple of months to see what it was like and the selection of free games was crap, the discounts were insulting and the features like update when turned off should be free anyway (the Wii managed that it it’s online offerings were miniscule)
-How are trophies better then achievements? That being said how are achievements better then trophies?
-See point 1
-This is where I really disagree, the apps on PSN are awful, most of them are just using the PSN browser (at least they are in the UK). The Live Netflix is by far superior as it’s faster, neater, and doesn’t chop off the first 10 seconds of an episode of Archer!
-No advertisements… Meh. I can’t say I’ve let a couple adverts ruin my day, how long are you spending on the dashboard?
-Simple solution, unplug connect, or you know don’t buy one. At least with the Kinect I don’t have to wave around something that looks like a sex toy!
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User Info: 3v1LR0n1N

4 years ago#76
I personally dont care either way because I have both. but I will admit the only thing I can think of that makes me like PSN a little better is the ability to play games online for free especially if you rarely play online anyways. other than that xbl is almost exactly the same as psn at least from my perspective.
-theRoninNamed47 (PSN) DatGi47(XBL) 7th_samura1 (Steam)

User Info: Kratier

4 years ago#77
i love how dismissive people are over things like ads on their console's menu
thats hilarious

also PSN+ offers tons of free games, paying for XBL just gets you access to your own internet LOL, seriously there is no comparison
there are a couple games that run better on 360 than ps3 which sucks, but there are things like how demons souls and dark souls are so much better on ps3 because of no way to hack characters,
and other things like no region lock so i can play japanese games i've imported and theyll run perfectly and often have support for english text/menus

User Info: Ben__Affleck

4 years ago#78
I can't believe in 2013 people are still doing reassurance topics between these two very old, very dated consoles and their stores.

People here might as well be saying something like.. "man, the radio and cd player on my crappy outdated 2006 toyota camry is so much better than the radio and cd player on your crappy outdated 2005 honda accord. seriously, who gives a f***. they're both dinosaurs at this point. Steam makes both of them look like amateurs.
you just got Affleck'd

User Info: TheArcade

4 years ago#79
I dare you to say that on the Xbox boards. XD
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User Info: joshrew

4 years ago#80
I Know this is just a troll but i'll correct you on some things:

- Better interface design, better online store
*They are both the same really.

- Easier to manage account (try to cancel Live auto-renewal, good luck with that)
*only a dumbass would do auto renewal its cheaper on amazon.

- PSN Regular account >>> Live silver account
- PSN Plus >>> Live gold account
*You have to pay for PSN plus so i cant see your point there?

- Trophy is way better than achievement...........
*YOU WHAT?!?!?! no, acievments are much better.

- Did I mention FREE?
*I'd rather pay so its better, faster online and doesn't get hacked for like 20 days!

- Better apps, better Netflix
*No the same apps would be as good on each console you total mug!

- NO Advertisement, TONS of advertisement in Live
*But the ads are in like a little corner i dont even notice them and i dont have to stop and get rid of them so again your point fails.

- NO Stupid Kinect **** Thats Hardware not XBOX LIVE


Personally i do prefer XBOX LIVE its only £35 a year.
and as the PS3 costs so much more than XBOX360 i'd have to buy live for 4 years to make buying the Xbox the same as PS3

I didn't come here to anoy SONY fans but seriously how dumb are you?

Also when you grow some bawlls you'll realise the console war rubbish doesn't matter and that PC is better.
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