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No more used games!!

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User Info: RyuuHou25

4 years ago#1
So, okay, next gen consoles effectively negate used games. You buy it, you keep it. Forever.

No more games show up on Ebay, Kijiji, CL, anywhere. Not in pawn shops, not in video stores.

Prices don't drop, they stay the same. Hell, nobody has any choice anymore, they'll probably make them more expensive. What are you going to do, not buy them?

As if! Gamers wouldn't give up gaming, they're addicted to it! If we force it on them, surely it will thrive *looks at PSP Go in the corner*

But hey.....let's not stop there. Other businesses see this model, decide to follow it. It's time to stop losing potential sales on everything. Time to stamp out piracy entirely too!

You want to buy a movie, well all right. No lending/trading/borrowing, no viewing by anyone but yourself, if others want to see it, they buy their own copy.

Don't you share that food, did you pay for that food? NO.

You want a house? You build one, you see that empty one over there? You pay for it, then you pay to demolish it and build your own. You don't get that house, that's their house! You compensate them for their loss of property!

You want a car? Sure. Only you can drive it though.

DNA imprinting on everything. Oh man, why stop there though!!

I could go on and on at the implications and reprucussions and consequences, the precedents stuff like this would create if it came to pass, and many of you are all "Yeah, down with GS!!" because you're butt hurt about not getting a few more dollars so you can go buy whatever!

Before this gen, nobody would have thought it was possible to have online passes. 30 years ago, nobody could have imagined video games would be like they are today.

People don't think. Some of us do, but we're usually shunned and silenced. "You're dumb, shut up, get over it, deal with it, our ignorance is shaping the world!"

I'm not saying this will happen, I'm giving people an idea of the mindset they are creating in themselves and why they might want to be careful.
PSN ID: RyuuHou24
"I never said that....and even if I said it, I never said it" - Dr Peter Venkman RGB

User Info: fvzz

4 years ago#2
the anti used nazis are a laugh, i know.

User Info: RyuuHou25

4 years ago#3
They are indeed, it's pretty ridiculous.
PSN ID: RyuuHou24
"I never said that....and even if I said it, I never said it" - Dr Peter Venkman RGB

User Info: Peltar94

4 years ago#4
I don't see why used games are so big right now. If you wait around 6 months to a year, you can get a new game for extremely cheap. So, will the industry be against a clearance sale or price drops next. You know that also cuts into potential profit.

User Info: copycat2008

4 years ago#5
what happens if my PS4 dies and I have to buy a new one, I wont be able to play my own games??
unless games are tied to psn account

User Info: mikewu1

4 years ago#6
Follow the steam model. I pc game and steam sales are the bomb. Batman AC GOTY only $5 bucks. Hell Yeah!

User Info: servb0ts

4 years ago#7
If true, PS4=No Buy.

Buy a new game gets scratched to unplayable or lost or stolen. rebuy same game new. Your PS4 considers it used blocks all your access to it.

Thats just the Tip of the Ice Berg. Any system does this kiss their company goodbye. Sony & Sony fanboys can Blame Greed not us Smart Consumers.
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User Info: RampantBlatt

4 years ago#8
Here is the worst that happens with used games -

Instead of the 5 billion Sony might take in that year, they take in 3.

HOWEVER, the true fact of the matter, is that gamers aren't stupid like the publishers want desperately to believe.

We don't loan onto every big title that comes out from Day 1. We determine "yeah, it looks okay. But not for 60, so I'll wait a month and get it Bargain Bin."

NOBODY seems to give a rat ass about that, except for the people who want a bigger paycheck than last month.

User Info: RetroFanGirl

4 years ago#9
Nintendo/PC is already the winning combination for next gen and the competition hasn't made it out of the gates yet lol
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