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POLL: How do you BUY your games?

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User Info: brolynick

5 years ago#11
Option 4: All of the above.
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User Info: SDFan18

5 years ago#12
Brand new on release day 95% of the time.
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User Info: PJB-11

5 years ago#13
I usually shop around a bit. Amazon, eBay and in stores. I never pay full price for a game. If I can knock off a bit by buying used I do occasionally - especially if there are the 3-for-2 deals. I'm a sucker for those. But if the new price is around £20 then I don't mind paying that. I'd say about half my games are used and half are new.
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User Info: My_Unit

5 years ago#14
Ummm it all depends. Sometimes I buy new, sometimes i wait for a price drop and some games i buy used so there should be more varied options in this poll.
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User Info: lambchips

5 years ago#15
wheres the option "i dont buy games"
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User Info: este914

5 years ago#16
killak posted...
Brand new on release
Brand new on price drop

All of the above here too
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User Info: BrightMinun

5 years ago#17
In a store, with cash.

Sometimes on launch day, sometimes after launch but before a price drop, sometimes after a price drop, and sometimes used.

User Info: NejiHyuga900

5 years ago#18
brolynick posted...
Option 4: All of the above.

This. When I buy games on Amazon, I vary between new copies and used copies. If I get a used copy, I will get it in Very Good or Like New condition.
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User Info: RetsuZaiZen

5 years ago#19
I haven't seen a single game worth $60 yet imo. I always buy used.
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User Info: nedrith

5 years ago#20
all of the above, if it's a new game I'd rather buy it new. If it's a old game new or used doesn't matter. I'll also buy digitally when it comes to old games.

If it's a game I really want i'll preorder. If it's a game I really really want I'll even buy the collector's edition.
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