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Have you bought less used games this gen

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User Info: Neonwarrior1243

4 years ago#21
ShadowSkill11 posted...
I don't buy used games.

Not even when all that's left at a decent price is used games? That's what most of my used games last gen were, games that I never saw new and rarely saw being sold even used. Even this gen 1 game I bought used was double the price new since it was a Japanese game(25$ used 55$ new).

User Info: Donomega

4 years ago#22
When I buy a used game its usually for an older system, I believe the only used game I've purchased in the last 6-7 months was Castlevania for the PC Engine

User Info: PStrife

4 years ago#23
Less, until recently that is. Used has increased ever since publishers like EA, Tecmo-Koei and Sony have embraced annoying online passes and gimped out products over the last two years. Thus I buy used out of the adrenaline rush known as spite.

Now they have lost a sale under normal circumstances. So how do they plan to win me back? I ain't going online with their titles nor am I buying any DLC.
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