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Girl friend making me sell my ps3. Suggestion on games

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User Info: Legolas3593

4 years ago#91
This reminds me of a date I had last week with a girl. She's alright,but then she started to talk about a married friend whose son loves gaming. And she doesn't seem to like it and prefers him to play sports instead.
That lit up an alarm light on my head...I don't think I'd ask her out as a date anymore...

User Info: AgitoXIII

4 years ago#92
obvious troll topic.
Please be a great game, we need you to be one.

User Info: hrj

4 years ago#93
Why do you wanna be with a woman who doesn´t accept you for what you are?
PSN/GT - Hennaboy

User Info: nonexistinghero

4 years ago#94
If you don't want to stop gaming then tell her. Don't let her decide things like that for you. And if she dumps you because of it, then you wouldn't be together all that much longer anyway.
Read the mania:
In SA2, it's Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow.

User Info: nozomi429

4 years ago#95
>New Year's Resolution to stop.

Do people play video games so excessively that it's become something they must stop? Is it really an addiction for some people?
Spiders. Spinnen.

User Info: LaggingRed

4 years ago#96
Start doing crack and make that your new years resolution to stop doing drugs.

User Info: jrr18

4 years ago#97
somebody336 posted...
Stop yer trollin criminal scum!

I used to be a guard like you but I dodged that arrow to the knee.
Victory over the 2013 zombie apocalypse through superior fire power!
PSN jrr101

User Info: Paladinrja

4 years ago#98
howdyneighbor25 posted...
The one I was tellin y'all about a couple weeks back (the OKC girl) She used to be a gamer but she said our new years resolution will to be stop. I'm kinda bummed about it but I love her so u know gotta please the lady haha :^) anyways I managed to get her to give me a few more weeks to play games, any gems I should play before on ps3. I've played some of the greats like the call of duty series and the assassin creeds

Mate, you do this & resentments gonna run deep between you. Ask her to give up something of equal value. Its gotta be both ways. Example:-
Missus:<<New years eve>> Hey! there you are. Having fun?
Me: Yah, just hob-nobbing with the wild & rambunctious. Wananuvadrink?
~night turns into next day~
Missus:I think our new years resolution should be to stop gaming, whaddayathink, baby?
Me:<<lol>> and do what?
Missus:Be a little less anti-social? Have a bit more cash, you know, babe..
Me:('ere we go)...S'a good idea. I can work more & we can save even more money by not going out Fri & Sat nights. Or purchasing any nonessential stuff.
Missus:Thats not part of the deal..
Me:Is now. << smiling sweetly>>
Missus:<<eyebrow twitches up, eyes widen, half steps back, arms starting to cross mouth slightly opens>>But..NOW HANG ON A SEC!
Me:Ya're right <<stretches>> not sitting down, I can feel my adrenalin, positively thumping in my veins.
Missus:Look, the idea was to be a little MORE social remember?!
Me:<<laughing, puts an arm around her, grabs keys off the hook & gently heads for the door>>Hehe the generally frustrated masses are quite a bit more anti-social than ya think, ya know..<<puts keys in hand & opens the front door>>
Missus:OMFG! WTF!?
Me:Now I need a little time to absorb our conversation, you should do that too. Why don't you go for a drive & have a little think about this too, eh?
Missus:WTF! Listen here you..
Me:No, really do yeah? Sorry we're fighting over this...
Missus:Oh you bet I will!
Me:(This should be interesting)...Byyyeee
Me:<<Wanders down to the kitchen looking for food>> (I bet if was workin my guts out she'd be riding some other dude).. Yah I can see where this is going...
<<phone rings 105 times or some BS>>

Get the picture? If this sounds like you WAKE UP!

User Info: Morpheme

4 years ago#99
I know it's coming up a lot, but any woman who tries to separate you from things you love is not tolerant of the things you like. In general, a girl who tries to change or fix you is bad news, brother.
"Nothing is perfect. The world turns on a tilted axis just doing the best it can, and that's what makes it so damn beautiful." --Roy Mustang
(message deleted)
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