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Good JRPG from this generation?

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User Info: scorpionpwnsall

4 years ago#21
I would wait for Tales of Xillia.
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User Info: JohnHitman47

4 years ago#22
kloud 11 posted...
Demons Souls
Dark Souls
Still waiting for next gen.

User Info: digidevilwil

4 years ago#23
The Last Story
Blue Dragon
Magna Carta 2
Tales of Vesperia
FFXIII series
Takt of Magic
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User Info: Sand_Flare

4 years ago#24
The PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia was never localized. If you don't mind playing it in Japanese, go for it.

The Xbox 360 version of the game is still pretty good though, and pretty cheap the last time I checked.

User Info: xH3ADHUNT3R360x

4 years ago#25
Ni No Kuni looks like our best hope for right now that game looks great!
For all the games that i have played: Demon/Dark Souls are my favorite, Person 4 Golden is amazing etc.

User Info: Sighto

4 years ago#26
Tales of Graces f
Star Ocean 4
Agarest series
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