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For people 26+ gaming is extremely boring now.

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User Info: Bayonetta_

5 years ago#1
Even when PS4 comes out all yes ALL the games will be predictable. We will have of course Macho FPS games returning. Then the basic action games with a sucky story like always. Same old sword and magic Wrpgs. Same old cliche Anime Jrpgs because let's face it Japan doesn't change.

Modern gaming is nothing more than a system of getting mindless drone to spend money on the same damn products with new skin. So gaming isn't about gaming, it's about getting your money while keeping you addicted to predictable garbage.

Really right now I'm asking myself what is the point of gaming when all the stories in just about every game is horrible. Devs aren't even trying to balance difficulty in most games. Things end up too easy or down right frustratingly cheap. Most games have ZERO unlockables. Worst of all is that characters in todays games are bad. Western devs are so focused on stereotypical ideals of masculinity while Japan is pandering to Otakus obsessed with feminine beta-males and underaged girls.

Something I hate even more is the Girl power theme games like in Tomb Raider 2012. Every single damn time I hear somebody say "A STRONG FEMALE" it makes me feel like women are child. You should be able to make female leads without pointing scream "LOOK STRONG FEMALE LEAD, I'M NOT A MISOGYNIST MALE. SEE! SEE!." Make her how ever you desire but please stop screaming it in my face the so-so is a strong-independent-woman. It just makes women seem childish like a little kid trying to prove something. You never see black guys saying "I'mma strong independent brother" every damn day.

User Info: ManuKesna

5 years ago#2
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User Info: Dante200X

5 years ago#3
I haven't really enjoyed games as much as I used to this gen. I think it's becoming a bit too....routine with the way games are treated lately because of how expensive they are to develop. Nobody can even afford to take risks or if they can they don't want to because they'll probably get less profits. Gaming has become routine with id-tagged controllers with id-tagged games, playing on id-tagged consoles.

Something like that anyways.
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User Info: the_great_tidus

5 years ago#4
im 27 now and feel the ps2 was the peak of gaming. When games like MGS, FF7, xenogears, FFX, MGS2, xenosaga and GTA3 came out I was really amazed by how great they were. I don't fel like many games measure up or innovate these days. During the ps1 and ps2 eras we got alot of innovation and creativity. now we just have alot of shooter games every once in a while great games release like Xenoblade, or Yakuza 3 but for the msot part games are action focused. Even something like Uncharted 2 that got GOTY praise is just a shooter with action movie characters.
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User Info: Sayoria

5 years ago#5
I am 25, and I am bored. Sorry, actions and pew pewing just isn't enough to get me interested.
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User Info: ATTACK__CAT

5 years ago#6
^ more monotonus yes, without innovation no.

24 and stuff still interests me. you just have to be more selective. theres always been generic games. we only remember the interesting ones.

its like when people argue 'old films / anime / games' are better.

truth is even forgetting technical / graphical improvements there was alot of junk even back then. we only remember the best (or the very very worst), and so suffer from bias.

if when you look back you see only the best, but today you see the good AND the bad, naturally the past seems better.

also people tend to compare with different timeframes. they will quote games / films / anime that came out over 10-15 even 20 years apart, and say ' there havent been any classics like this recently'.

in their heads they are comparing the last few years of their life (4-5 at most, normally 1-2) to 20 years of film development.

truth is greats have never been fast to come. you cant watch every film for 6 months and say 'where were the greats?'. greats are called greats because they are rare.

^i can name ALOT of AWFUL ps2 games that you arnt mentioning.

this gen suffers from less games OVERALL. if say 5% of films become greats (optomistic i know, but in theory), having 100 films vs 200 films... the 200 will have more greats.

ps2 had alot more games than ps3. therefore ps2 had alot more greats.

last gen had alot of platformers. its just a shift. theres still games of most types but less games overall means less games in each genre. if theres 50 platform games and 50 games of other types, you will notice it less than a console with 5 action games and 5 other games. thats because if platformers dont interest you, you still have a large choice, so you take no notice.

the trend of rpg -> action rpg is largely due to squares decline. squares decline happened long before ps3. look at FFX-2. clear misunderstanding of what the target audience is . fact -> most gamers arnt girls. (more so back then). making your game super girly ailenates the audience that isnt girly. 99% of FFXs players wernt girls. dangerous shift in target audience that ailenated their fan base. from then on they were trying to claw back, still not understanding why they failed. they removed the girlyness, but they also took out the love elements of the plot in ff12. the lvoe always played a key part in motivations in ffs. without it the story was bland and uninteresting like vann. the fans didnt like it. square got more confused.

fastforward to today. they are still looking for things to change, looking to reclaim their former glory, but are still 100% blind to what the fanbase wants, and more often than not make choices that appeal to a minority over a majority.

shift from rpg -> action rpg isnt any different. in fact its alot more minor than some of the crazy stuff they have been doing.

if anything id say its autobattle that ruined modern FFs.
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User Info: archizzy

5 years ago#7
Been gaming regularly since 1980 and I'm enjoying it now more than ever before. I also have a much higher entertainment budget than I did as a kid which allows me to buy any/every game I want without hesitation.

I have much nicer equipment to play on and more free time than I have ever had before.

I'm not ever bored with gaming. I have had many great experiences.
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User Info: the_great_tidus

5 years ago#8
I know It just seems ps1 and ps2 have more classics and innovation.

the average ps3 game is without a doubt better than the average ps2 game but its near the top where ps3 struggles it lacks the great OMG i'll remeber this for 20 years games. alot of this has to do with lack of JRPGs i guess since they are the most story focused genre. Action games are mostly forgettable to me at least. Something like Uncharted just isn't very deep. It's enjoyable like a popcorn flick like national treasure is but it isn't memorable like FF7 or FFX.
Most Anticipated Games - Yakuza 5, Ni No Kuni, The Last of Us, Beyond, Castlevania LOS2, MGS rising, God of War Ascension, and FFX HD.

User Info: jrr18

5 years ago#9
ManuKesna posted...

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User Info: servb0ts

5 years ago#10
just take gaming breaks. I do think growing up as kids our imaginations and enjoyment was better than as adults.
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