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For people 26+ gaming is extremely boring now.

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User Info: carsauce

5 years ago#61
From: huyi | #039
30 here and i find current gen gaming boring, it's not like it used to be back in the day, i tend to play older games much more than recent ones anyway.

Well that's because you are a female=P

ahahaha Just Kidding!

But really maybe you just don't like somewhat reality of how games are, except MGS , really even in MGS4. Snake can still carry all those weapons? lol and not show them? so much for reality.
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User Info: chaos_belmont

5 years ago#62
I think you mean " for mindless people with no ability to discern games even after decades of gameing and with very limited ability to seek games out more then to check ign's top ten's"
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User Info: primusnine

5 years ago#63
Gaming doesn't really change.

Our expectations do though.

As we grow, our standards evolve, get higher, and we want more from things. Because we become more aware of how limited time is, and how we don't have all the life left to live we did in our kid/teen years.

Depressing, right? But it is what it is.

User Info: BoosterBurst

5 years ago#64
glory of power metal posted...
It's not the games, it's just you. Once you hit 20 or so, you start making wild proclamations that every piece of entertainment created after you were 12 or so has been inferior to everything before that. As a 20-something it's your duty to say all new video games are boring, all music made after the 90's sucks, movies are nothing but CGI, ect, ect.

no, it's actually because modern games stuck now. pewpew

whatever happened to the jrpg sub genre? turn based jrpgs? final fantasy?

and then new games for old series like resident evil are ruined

User Info: truesaiyan309

5 years ago#65
I am 24 and I am tired of seeing all my favorite series get worse and worse. Splinter Cell used to be great. Chaos Theory is one of the best games of all time and had unique online play. Then Double Agent comes out and its terrible. Conviction tried but stealth is still an afterthought and it looks like it will continue to be that way. If you don't have to hide bodies, then it is not a stealth game!

Hitman has lost its sandbox play. Ya'know, just the number one thing that made it great. No loadouts? Seriously?! As a general rule, if you want to tell your melodrama story MAKE YOUR OWN GAME. Don't take a well established series, pull 180, and expect everyone to be ok with that.

Developers used to try to be innovative. They would try to push the bar with a new gaming concept and each game was a new and different way to play games. This one had a interesting cover system, this one gives you super powers, etc. You don't see this anymore. Seriously, when was the last time you played a game that was unique or introduced a new way to play the game? It has seemed to peak. That is why people my age like the PS2, Xbox, and even N64. Out of all of the 360 games I own, which is a boatload, I only play like 5. I play my old games just as often because they are just as fun if not better. The only thing most games have been focused on is graphics.

User Info: fadeca

5 years ago#66
iI'm 27, and i'm starting to play less games as the months pass by, idk what's causing it, i my think interests are starting to shift, hopefully Far Cry 3 will "respark" my love for gaming.

User Info: DesentSix

5 years ago#67
Gaming is extremely boring, I seldom have anywhere near as much fun as I used to. It's led me to working out so I can't really complain, though, I would love to play a game every once in awhile where I can actually enjoy it. I haven't played a current generation game because most are just steaming piles of garbage made for a consumer of garbage.

it's very rare that a developer actually puts "heart" into their game nowadays and when they attempt to the CORPORATIONS MAN try to get the titles out prematurely killing any soul behind the game. All I do is play older games in attempt to relive any enjoyment I had when gaming was still good.

Oh well, can't do much when people settle for terrible games giving these terrible developers the idea that pumping out this stuff that their actually doing good.
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User Info: n0matter

5 years ago#68
You're 26 but type like a 12 year old. This is sad.
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User Info: VideoGameBlitz

5 years ago#69
archizzy posted...
Been gaming regularly since 1980 and I'm enjoying it now more than ever before. I also have a much higher entertainment budget than I did as a kid which allows me to buy any/every game I want without hesitation.

I have much nicer equipment to play on and more free time than I have ever had before.

I'm not ever bored with gaming. I have had many great experiences.

Id love to see your game collection!
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User Info: Atalalama

5 years ago#70
The last game I played that made me feel like the female lead character deserved to be the lead, without overt "I am woman hear me roar" garbage like Tomb Raider, Golden Axe: BR, Bayonetta, etc. etc. etc. - and felt like it couldn't have anything but a female lead due to awesome writing (as opposed to just about every other female-lead games out there) was Beyond Good & Evil. Yeah, Jade was a decent stick fighter, but nothing special. She didn't have heug breasts. She didn't have guns. She didn't do anything sexual really. Her goals were to keep the orphanage she helped run fiscally solvent, and use her brain to find-out the truth behind the scenes around her. She didn't blindly follow orders, she didn't believe anything until she had proof (even if that meant others had to prove themselves to her). It was just her, her camera, a pig, an idiot, and a hologram.

As far as gaming this gen in general...I've been having more fun with the handhelds. Too many console games this gen are "me too's" and sequels. I'm just not interested in most of the games made this gen. Most of them are cookie-cutter, or just plain lame.

Next gen won't be any better, either. The more advanced the system, the more costly it is to make the games for it (graphics, usually). Heck, remember that tech trailer SquEEEEEnix did for 2012? The Final Fantasy-set-in-a-war-town-slum idea? HOW much time & money did they spend on making that movie clip again? The more costly the game, the less likely the company is going to try a new IP - which means more sequels & me-too's. It also means the less games, period - how many companies are going to be able to develop 5+ games simultaneously per year, each costing $20-50 million (or more) to develop?

As much as I hate to say it (on behalf of my eyesight), the handhelds & the iProducts will be the ones with the more interesting ideas. Code of Princess & Gravity Rush would NEVER have been made if not for the handheld market, after all.
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