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Would today's gamers still buy a 2d-Metroidvania styled game?

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User Info: Kikuichimonji

4 years ago#41
_alcheim posted...

To those that weren't too keen on 2d sprites... what is it exactly that puts you off to them? I mean, I don't get the appeal of simplistic 8 bit graphics that we see in a lot of indiegames these days, but the more contemporary sprite works seen on post 16-bit era titles (like Megaman X5, Odinsphere, or even Dungeon Fighter Online) look awesome.

For me, I'm not against 2D graphics. But considering the year we're in, I would like to see more quality metroidvania games done in 2.5D. On a handheld, I can understand if a large game doesn't fit (i.e: cartridge) so 2D is fine. At the very least, I'd pay $60 for a metroidvania game with very well hand-draw 2D graphics similar to Rayman Origins/Legends quality. With Multiple background layers scrolling along all in HD, and variety of lighting effects, the game must look absolutely gorgeous. In contrast, graphics in recent 2D release such as New Mario Bros Wii U is completely NOT what I'm talking about.
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User Info: Wozman23

4 years ago#42
I'm also not a fan of the retro graphics movement. Super Meat Boy is one of the only exceptions. I like some production value with my indie titles.

I've said it a couple times on Gamefaqs, but fans of 2D platformers should give Fly'N a look. It's one of Steam's early greenlit projects.

It was my personal GOTY for 2012. The visuals are stunning - somewhat reminiscent of Rayman Origins. It's beautiful, charming, and a bit quirky. Gameplay follows four different characters with unique abilities that help them make their way though each level and solve puzzles. Exploration is encouraged to unlock extras and bonus levels. The variety of levels and pacing are also brilliant, intermingling traditional platforming levels with upward scrolling, timed levels. The boss battles are also exceptional.

I can't praise it enough. More info is available in my review if anyone is interested:
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User Info: Kaliesto

4 years ago#43
I love those types of games TC.
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User Info: cirkmetroid

4 years ago#44
zyrax2301 posted...
Can someone explain to me what the hell "Metroidvania" is? Is it actually a mash-up game, or is it just a word that people use to describe two games with a similar perspective...for some reason? has all the info on the subject you could need Zyrax.
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User Info: Nightgazer

4 years ago#45
Yes Please.
In fact, if Castlevania and Metroid could get back on that bandwagon, that'd be really nice, but I'd be just as happy with a new IP that gave me interesting areas to explore, secrets to find, and weapons/abilities to play with. 2.5d or hand-drawn art is fine too, I guess, (depends on the art style) but I have a special place in my heart for good old-fashion pixelated sprites.
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User Info: Aalvi

4 years ago#46
todays gamers wouldn't even understand what you are asking
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