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POLL what is the worst main series Final Fantasy game?

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User Info: silly_sausage

5 years ago#41
I hate to be one of those guys, but I'm gonna have to say XIII. It's not that I hate it, or think it's a bad game, it just happens to be my least favourite. I just couldn't connect with the characters, I couldn't bring myself to care or even pay attention to the story,
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User Info: mad_hax_man

5 years ago#42
HellsingOrg posted...

3 party members (at least for 2 games)

Because the extended length coming from the attack animations being in 3d lead meant that 4 characters would make the battle syytem like, well FFIX- Tedious and boring

basic battle system, materia system was ok but nothing special, not allowing you to equip tons of armor and stuff like in previous games. Even the "hard" final bosses weren't hard the first time I encountered them and I didn't understand why people would say stuff like end FF7 boss OMFG! so hard I died aaaahhhh and I'm like lol go beat FFV final boss without mastering tons of jobs and having the best weapons and it will still take you like 40 minutes using the strongest attacks.
so good games sort of (except for 8)

Yeah, because FFVI was sooooo hard

Back on topic, FFXIII.. I give earlier FF's some leeway because they come from an earlier time. Even then , The FFI and II remakes have a simplicity that makes them great to have a play through over a weekend when you have time to kill.

There is simply no reason fro FFXIII, especially after FFXII. There is no reason to go from such a large world of FFXII to XIII's corridors, no reason for its script to be so bad after XII's brilliant one. Its linearity wouldn't be as bad if it allowed the story to really shine, but it isn't, the characters are so 1d and its story repeats the same issues of CC, Dissidia and others (Just repeating the same empty phrases over and over again and leaving the true story to be explored in the reports.
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User Info: Crimson681

5 years ago#43
XIII was the worst.

User Info: CloakedNub

5 years ago#44
Your Poll is bad, and anyone voting FF12 is wrong.

User Info: kloud 11

kloud 11
5 years ago#45
XII is one of if not the best

Where is FFIX?

User Info: kel25

5 years ago#46
XIII with XII being in a very close second place.

User Info: frodiusmaximus

5 years ago#47
Far from being the worst FF game, FF12 is, in my opinion, which I have defended at length elsewhere, the best of the main FF games.

That's right. FF12 is the best.
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User Info: zyrax2301

5 years ago#48
I think I dislike VIII the most. It was way too slow, junction system sucked, I had to rely on Espers/Guardians/whatever a lot and their animations were unreasonably long and un-skippable. I like the world the least of all too, it's so dull and boring.
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User Info: pwivitabox360ic

5 years ago#49
HellsingOrg posted...
Just got FF8 and boy does it suck bad.
worst FF game with 2 and 12 imo, wth where they thinking?

FF8 sucked so hard. It was like 7-8 different enemies that leveled up with me for one thing.
I was able to reach max level on disc freaking 2 and able to make squall deal 9999 damage with every attack on disc freaking 2. I can't buy gear and the game is too easy and the story had me fall asleep while playing it only other game that did that to me was fire emblem 9's story.
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User Info: theofficefan99

5 years ago#50
I'd say XII and XIII-2 are by far the worst.
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