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POLL what is the worst main series Final Fantasy game?

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User Info: Daggeraxe

4 years ago#61
Other: Final Fantasy XIII

User Info: Seifer_us

4 years ago#62
II is easily the worst, but Final Fantasy VIII and XII are nowhere near that bad. In fact, II and XIII are the only games in the main series that I haven't thoroughly enjoyed.
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User Info: AmyUnleashed

4 years ago#63
Final Fantasy 13

User Info: DemiFist

4 years ago#64
X and XIII are tied for me.
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User Info: nintendogamer13

4 years ago#65
Anyone who could possibly think XII is the worst has crap taste in games.
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User Info: Nicodimus

4 years ago#66
FFX, easily. Every character is so &^*%^* &*&(ing annoying, I wanted them all to die in a freak garbage disposal accident.
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User Info: Sinfullyvannila

4 years ago#67
Other. 3. By a longshot.
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User Info: sting__art

4 years ago#68
FF 7 is easily one of the worst FF.

User Info: zinsindetta

4 years ago#69
I like how you think TC. Not counting the MMO ones the only Final Fantasy games I hated was 8 and 12. I give the edge to 12, that was awful.
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User Info: HellsingOrg

4 years ago#70
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