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Saw parents buying Far Cry 3 for their kids in Gamestop the other day

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  3. Saw parents buying Far Cry 3 for their kids in Gamestop the other day

User Info: TimeOfTheDark

5 years ago#1
Not talking like late teenagers either. What **** ty parents. These parents will be the first to complain about the content in games like this, but here's an idea, don't buy M rated games with stuff like hardcore Violence, Drug Use, Sex,etc for your eight year old. The sex scene in the game isn't that bad, but there is worse things happening to some of the main character's friends.

And Gamestop will sell it knowing the parents aren't buying the game for themselves when it was the kid picking it out.

Maybe the problem is M ratings. Some games that have M ratings like Call of Duty Black Ops, Halo or, whatever gets the M rating for having basic shooting and the occasional cuss word. In reality, it's more of a teen game, and it pretty much caters to young teens. Then ignorant parents will just assume every game with an M rating is like that.

Not saying games like Far Cry 3 and TLOU should be AO, but saying maybe some of the other shooters should get a teen rating since they aren't really that graphic or violent.

User Info: Pereb27

5 years ago#2

User Info: Phophenomenon

5 years ago#3
You mirin' brah?

User Info: Space_Monky

5 years ago#4
Pereb27 posted...

lmao, that is awesome.
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User Info: Gam3r777

5 years ago#5
*Hands TC a flame shield*

User Info: FiendingHard

5 years ago#6
Pereb27 posted...

What is faith then but persistent hope in the face of relentless doubt.
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User Info: PangLa

5 years ago#7
I played GTA 3 when I was about 10 with my 6 years old cousin, problem? As far as we know we didn't grow up as serial killers. Seriously, unless you waited until you were 17 to play your first rated M game, you shouldn't talk.

User Info: Tidus41390

5 years ago#8
All I saw was the topic title. Good for those parents. Nice to see people who have enough faith in the way they raised their children to not expect an M rated game to completely warp said child's mind into a psychopath.
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User Info: Thor61

5 years ago#9
I see ignorant parents do that all the time. They grew up on Pacman and Mario Bros. so they assume all video games are for children. Even when they throw ratings on the front cover. These people make me sick.

User Info: Wario_man

5 years ago#10
I know what you mean, TC. I've seen tons of kids walking around with Black Ops merchandise and seen others walking around with the games in their hands knowing their parents will get it for them.

Worse still, I went to see Looper and The Dark Knight Rises and both times they had young and younger children with them.
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  3. Saw parents buying Far Cry 3 for their kids in Gamestop the other day

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