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Saw parents buying Far Cry 3 for their kids in Gamestop the other day

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User Info: Sophistication

4 years ago#51
jubjub360 posted...
I know you're a liar and you haven't proved anyone wrong this week, or last, or the week before.

I synced everything you asked... I owe you nothing. Believe what you want, but do it elsewhere. I'm sick of your creepy stalking behavior. I've proven time and time again... I've messaged all your troll buddies on psn and many have come to terms with me owning what I say I own.

You do the same... cos your behavior is sick and unhealthy.
As a sophistocrat I am here to represent my fellow like minded Sophisticated gamers with judicious topics & post that spark debate.
PSN: Sophistocrat

User Info: mmpepsi

4 years ago#52
toadieman posted...
I saw a guy at gamestop try to convince his 2 daughters around 5 years old to get Mortal Kombat for DS. I just shook my head.

I'd shake my head too.

At least buy them a Vita and get that version of MK. The DS one isn't very good.

User Info: TomoEK9

4 years ago#53
Shy420 posted...
TimeOfTheDark posted...
Not talking like late teenagers either. What **** ty parents. These parents will be the first to complain about the content in games like this, but here's an idea, don't buy M rated games with stuff like hardcore Violence, Drug Use, Sex,etc for your eight year old. The sex scene in the game isn't that bad, but there is worse things happening to some of the main character's friends.

And Gamestop will sell it knowing the parents aren't buying the game for themselves when it was the kid picking it out.

Maybe the problem is M ratings. Some games that have M ratings like Call of Duty Black Ops, Halo or, whatever gets the M rating for having basic shooting and the occasional cuss word. In reality, it's more of a teen game, and it pretty much caters to young teens. Then ignorant parents will just assume every game with an M rating is like that.

Not saying games like Far Cry 3 and TLOU should be AO, but saying maybe some of the other shooters should get a teen rating since they aren't really that graphic or violent.

Maybe you should worry about yourself and not be so concerned with strangers. You don't know the people or the child so how can you make an assessment of their parenting skills?

Ratings are put on games to inform the parents of the content and to protect sellers from selling games to children who's parents might disapprove. There are no laws against a parent deciding that their youngster is able to handle such a violent game.

Speak for yourself, in certain areas it definitely is illegal to sell such a game to a minor. While in the end it is a parent's decision to buy such a game for their children, I am more surprised that the GS employee didn't even bat an eye at it.

He should have made it super clear what the rating is and what it means just to make sure the kid's parents are well aware of the kind of content the game may have.

Most of us here played violent games as a kid with little to no detriment to our mental health, but we all know that when some terrible act of violence happens, what is the first thing to be blamed? Its never the fault of the parents that these kids play these games, just the industry for making them.

If the ratings served as abit more than a black and white label taking up a corner of the box, it would give the media a lot less to sensationalize.

User Info: abnergoinbig

4 years ago#54
blame the employees of Gamestop for having to meet a weekly quota.
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