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The biggest mistake you made this gen?

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User Info: IdTheDestroyer

4 years ago#121
I'm usually good at choosing games that I will like but Def Jam: Icon was just horrible. It's a rare day when I decide not to finish a game and trade it in less than a week from release at a loss.
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User Info: Lsnake

4 years ago#122
DutchAngel9 posted...
Buying Duke Nukem Forever.

I knew that game would stink, but I'll be damned if I didn't get it after having waited for that game for 14 years. For a while I thought it would never even arrive, so I bought it fully aware that I'd most likely get a bad product.

Yeah. It was mediocre at best, but it had a couple of good laughs that took me offguard. Still..given its history, it wasn't the disaster I had expected.
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User Info: muccmasterx

4 years ago#123
Paying full price on the pile of dookie that is Dead Island.

User Info: Psychofang12001

4 years ago#124
Duke nukem forever limited edition oh how I weap even now lol
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User Info: DoctorDalek

4 years ago#125
Wii U.

User Info: themegaman7

4 years ago#126
Buying some crappy Sim City game for the Wii with full price. It was like paying for a kick in the nads.

E: Getting the 3DS close to launch was also extremely dumb on my part (still haven't bought a single game for it)
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User Info: Mantiso

4 years ago#127
Caving in and buying Assassins Creed 3 when I thought 1 and 2 were heavily flawed, repetitive and weak in terms of story. The trailers made it look like a huge improvement but it wasn't. Same old unengaging game.

LA Noire is a close second. Rubbish game covered with some cool facial animation and dialogue. The whole detective, clues, interrogation stuff did not work as fluidly as anyone hoped. It felt very linear and restrictive and just made me wish for a similar game that could do it right.
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User Info: EtherPhoenix

4 years ago#128
I left myself logged in on my friend's CPU and he changed my sig to this ^_^;

User Info: Winternova

4 years ago#129
Tales of Vesperia. I had heard so much good about that title, but it's just a horrible POS. I remember the days when JRPGs were my favorite genre, now they all feel hackneyed and cliched and it's just a chore to try and play them. It's time that sub-genre died a quick, painless death.
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User Info: Nairodmatic

4 years ago#130
Norken posted...
Thank Christ

I didn't make any mistakes due to patience. Which has been the lesson God has been teaching me lately.

I do feel sorry for all of those who had mistakes though. My heart is with you, and I will continue to be patient when PS4 comes out. I am still waiting on FF versus 13 and when it comes out I will be patient. Check youtube to make sure that the game is actually good like I did FF13. I watched a playthrough of FF13 all the way to where (in order to avoid spoilers I will be vague) so in so meets his so in so, and I knew that the game sucked. Sad that Square Enix has fallen so low, but at least DQ8 is great and Sleeping Dogs is respectable.

We all have to learn from our mistakes mines was in the previous gen when I bought FF12 on opening day, but I learned and I am still learning.

Patience Patience Patience! Christ keeps telling me this and if i continue to listen I will save thousands of dollars and you will tooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Love you ALL

I like this. Thank you.
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