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The biggest mistake you made this gen?

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User Info: Desulated

4 years ago#181
Nearly buying Command and Conquer 4. Thank god I managed to cancel the preorder.
"Command and Conquer 4 and Red Alert 3 sucking is the fault of Westwood."-Gaming King
Auto heal is a gimmick for amateurs.

User Info: SS4Moku

4 years ago#182
Buying into the hype of Xbox 360. Then I realized how stupid I was after paying 2 years of Xbox Live Gold. Red Ring of Death twice. Bye 360. Love my PS3!


4 years ago#183
I remember i thought about getting uncharted 3 black friday 2011. I then for some reason got dead island. Although not a bad game. I really wish I got uncharted sooner. Although I got it black friday 2012, I was really behind in the online portion of the game, and i got my ass handed to me the first couple of matches
daron malakian is beyond the level of god

User Info: Video_Game_Czar

4 years ago#184
2 PS3's

2 XBox 360's

I'm SO happy they aren't made in the US...Cheapest, junk video games systems I've ever played. Love paying top dollar for something that could die at anytime. I thought the PS2 was cheap crap...Well it was when compared to the XBox or Gamecube [which were damn tanks] but the PS3 makes the PS2 look good. Can't wait to see what MS and Sony give us next-gen...Guessing it will be held together with pipe cleaners and duct tape.
PSN: VideoGameCzar l XBL: VideoGameCzar l Steam: TheVideoGameCzar

User Info: ExtremeLight

4 years ago#185
Mine mistake was not getting online sooner.
Versus XIII is coming in 2014, GTA5 will be awesome, and PS4/Xbox 720 is coming in Dec. Lightning Return will be super awesome and I don't care what you think!

User Info: sean2995

4 years ago#186
Buying a 360. Not saying its bad but its collecting dust like my GC. I have very few games for it compared to my ps3 which is highly more active.

Tried using it as a DVD player but that didn't work out too well.

User Info: redskinStu

4 years ago#187
Several, actually: Operation Flashpoint, Alpha Protocol, Conan, getting only an 80 GB hard-drive, spending my hard earned money on Fallout New Vegas, spending my little spare time on Fallout New Vegas, laughing only sparingly at friends who relaced their 360's FOUR TIMES and always forgetting to play Gran Turismo 5 on my birthday.

User Info: AwesomeAshley

4 years ago#188
Agreeing to appear in a video game. Oy, the fanart...
You better be afraid of the great Ashley!
And Luigi's pretty cool, too.

User Info: Eushie_Moogle

4 years ago#189
I liked Diablo 3! However, I was extremely conservative with buying this year and I'd say my worst choice was Hearthfire for Skyrim.
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