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I honestly don't understand "backlog gamers"

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User Info: theshoveller

4 years ago#101
dj___roll posted...
Quote:dj___roll posted...
TC was saying he thought that people with tons of games they haven't play are hoarders. Even then, he is asking why people do it to gain understanding. At worst hoarding could be considered a mental disorder. No where did he mention diseases or insult anyone. TC also never claimed it as fact.

Allow me to quote the TC's first post - specifically, the end of it:

TIGERJACKS0N posted...
Sorry to say guys, but yall have a disease: hoarders syndrome.

Yes, he did specifically say, in a matter-of-fact manner, "you have a disease, you are hoarders." So yeah, he did insult people, by saying they must have a disease that's associated with only negative stereotypes reinforced by television shows such as Hoarders.

My bad, apparently I missed that word when I was reading his post. Gotta stop doing gamefaqs on my phone. My bad. I was wrong.

No prob. I tend to glance over posts, get the general gist of it, and go "in-depth" later on. I missed that too until people were arguing about if he was offensive or not.

User Info: sethharris1191

4 years ago#102
Lord_TenseEye posted...
Here's how a backlog can easily form.

1. Lots of games come out every year.

2. You buy a game but don't have time to finish it so you play it on and off.

3. Another game comes out in the meantime that's less time consuming or it's structured so that you can play it on and off and have more fun than if you were playing the previous game on and off.

4. You can have even 2-3 games in your backlog for it to be called a backlog. It isn't hoarding.

Everything said here, plus the fact that a lot of the games in my backlog are no longer in print. I picked them up for dirt cheap while I can still find them, and I haven't had time to play them. I don't really see what's so hard to understand.

User Info: Video_Game_Czar

4 years ago#103
I don't understand people that buy crappy games just because they're cheap...collecting my ass...What sane S.O.B wants games like Charlie's Angels, Summoner 2, Shrek Super Party?!

People with large collection of games have zero self control and piss poor taste...I've never, EVER in the 15 years of being on the internet have I seen a person with over 500+ games that didn't own a ton of trash games...Again, Gems like Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter, Minority Report and Backyard Wrestling.
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User Info: true_gamer80

4 years ago#104
TIGERJACKS0N posted...
I dont get how yall just buy every game in the world and keep it behind a stack of other games waiting to be played. It seems like yall just force yourself to speed play through games to get to the other. That, said ,yall taking away the experience of the game on yourselves. And the fact that each game is just taking time away from others, if its actually a good game with replay value. Sorry to say guys, but yall have a disease: hoarders syndrome.

who said anything about rushing through games aside from you? Imagine having a wall of games to choose from, a whole wall....its like shoppng at gamestop in your own home each and everytime you want to play a game. One can play said game however long they want or as quick as they want, one can take a break and move onto another game and come back to said game at a later time. one can 100 % the game and move onto someth9ing else. Why your pretending having a large collection changes anything other than having more options is beyond me other thn the being jealous

Honestly only at GF would having more games be a bad thing, sounds to me some are just jealous or trying to come up with lame reasons to not want a big collection of games. Just cause you have alot of games doesnt meean your playstyles differs in anyway, having options of what to play is now a bad thing here lol....are any of you actual gamers lol??? Everything is always spun into a negative here....its utterly amazing.

This topic is as silly as me making a topic calling out ppl who havent played alot of games that are available casual mainstream gamers....
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