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Game series where only the first game was good.

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User Info: mgs4fan540

4 years ago#1
F.E.A.R: 1st was good, 2nd was crap, 3rd was horrible

COD: modern warfare. 1sr was revolutionary, 2nd was disappointing, 3rd was utter crap
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User Info: AustinHH

4 years ago#3
The Matrix.

Oh, video games? Ummm...

This kind of just seems like an excuse to post in a second topic that FEAR is better than it's sequels....

User Info: Golden Maven

Golden Maven
4 years ago#4
Metal Gear Solid

User Info: AustinHH

4 years ago#5
Golden Maven posted...
Metal Gear Solid

Nevermind 3 which was better than MGS, Twin Snakes which was better than MGS, and arguably 2 and 4 which were also as good/better than MGS

User Info: Varron

4 years ago#6
Jak and Daxter
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User Info: Roachmeat

4 years ago#7
Crackdown (360)

State of Emergency (Ps2)

Marvel Ultimate Alliance (According to some, the second was lacking a bit)
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User Info: gamestop27

4 years ago#8
Marvel vs Capcom.
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User Info: servb0ts

4 years ago#9
hmmmmm. usually the 2nd is the best.

Ohh yeah.

Contra NES. rest can't even compare to the original.

thats it lol.

u made me think of alot of awesome #2 like.

Twisted Metal 2.
Road Rash 2.
Streets of Rage 2.
Sonic 2.
Fire Pro Wrestler 2.
Uncharted 2.

just to name a few.
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User Info: TheMcKnightMare

4 years ago#10
Modern Warfare..
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