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Sorry Rockstar fans...Not excited for GTAV.

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User Info: CloakedNub

4 years ago#41
Meh. I hated GTA until I played IV.

User Info: fadeca

4 years ago#42
RampantBlatt posted...
fadeca posted...
Why would we care if your not exited about GTAV?

Why would we care if you are excited about GTAV?

Well i certainly wouldn't make a topic about it to let everyone know.

User Info: DemiFist

4 years ago#43
doraemonllh1989 posted...
DemiFist posted...
I lost excitement after seeing the terrible character designs.
Rockstar just needs to let us create our own playable characters, cuz they make some of the worst.

oh hi,i dont like the characters they created,so the characters in this game are awful because i dont like it,my opinion=all


You reading comprehension is terrible... I specifically stated I do not like the character 'designs'...
Learn to troll a bit better especially if you are trying to insult a particular person.
Eluveitie greatest Band Ever, So "Get Da Folk UP!!!"
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  3. Sorry Rockstar fans...Not excited for GTAV.

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