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List the next great game you want from Capcom.

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User Info: legionofpancake

4 years ago#21
I just want Mega Man Legends 3, man...
Well, Courtney Gears didn't seem to mind.
88 Fingers Louie were a hardcore punk band. 88 Fingers Eddward was a nickname on Ed Edd'nEddy. Pretty cool reference.

User Info: RampantBlatt

4 years ago#22
AnonUnknown posted...
RampantBlatt posted...
Also, I want X9, but not as a cash-in. I want X9 to be the bridge to the Zero series. I want the War.

the "bridge" was X6... if you finish the game with Zero.


Hell, saying I want X9 as a non-cashin is ironic because everything after X5 was a god damn cash-in.

User Info: RyuuHou25

4 years ago#23
RampantBlatt posted...
RyuuHou25 posted...
Mega Man X Reboot

However, that will never happen, realistically. If it does, I will treat it as a sign of the apocalypse.

The next one I plan on getting, however, is Remember Me, which thankfully is not actually made by them, only published.


The most I want in a new "line" of Megaman games is Protoman in the future. We have X, who was Megaman 2.0.

It is time for Protoman 2.0.

Also, I want X9, but not as a cash-in. I want X9 to be the bridge to the Zero series. I want the War.

To do it properly, not so god damn cryptic and what not, and not going into these ridiculous storylines line 5 onward. Or at least disregard the X5 that is out, and do a proper X5 in the style of 4, with the anime cutscenes and what not and the awesome soundtrack, and the dual players, and just flat out bridge the gap and explain everything, be really story driven and what not.

And JUST X and Zero, no freaking Axel.

But, at the very least, there is that Facebook one that's slowly slowly being made which looks amazing, won't be a story based one, but at least it'll be an X game that's not on a freaking ios device.
PSN ID: RyuuHou24
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User Info: RampantBlatt

4 years ago#24
...Cryptic? That doesn't really apply to Megaman X.

The only thing they need to do is cap the X series off with the War and lead into Zero.

A reboot isn't needed. X1-3 were fantastic, and 4 was a nice attempt I guess.

User Info: shiva

4 years ago#25
Power Stone 1 and 2 with online play.
Power Stone 1 & 2 with online play - the dream will never die. Meanwhile, get a piece of reality with Anarchy Reigns!

User Info: Pigfarts

4 years ago#26
Marvel vs capcom 2 DLC characters. Not going to happen but would be hot.
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User Info: dexalot

4 years ago#27
Resident evil remake + 0 hd collection for ps3
Resident evil Revelations HD for ps3 (and please keep the 3d)
Resident evil operation racoon city 2 for vita

User Info: SSx4Leonjr

4 years ago#28
CrankShaft posted...
Resident Evil 7
Mega Man Universe
Fighting Game with all of their 2d characters together. (Street Fighter, Darkstalkers)

This Especially Mega Man Universe!
RE 7 ONLY if they remove the STUPID QTE'S!!!
A Darkstalkers & Street Fighter mix?....could be very interesting but I'd just like to see Darkstalkers get a Super Street Fighter IV makeover!
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User Info: AuthorNumber2

4 years ago#29
New Mega Man GAMES and cameos in other games with MEGA MAN. Not some fatass dressed up like his poorly done box art. Also a MvC3 ldc character of him. He's been all of them up until now. It should be a no brainer. Zero is nice sure, but he's more of a MMX rep than the series as a whole IMO.

User Info: retep_one

4 years ago#30
whatever the next street fighter is. or a fighting game consisting of old capcom fighters (like rival schools, darkstalkers, those who were left out in MvC 2, etc)
PSN: Spectre0415
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