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List the next great game you want from Capcom.

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User Info: blingus

4 years ago#41
carib2g posted...

2.5d is cool with me though...

Yeah me too! I really have been loving the 2.5D fighters this generation.
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User Info: 4sakuraHa0

4 years ago#42
Saturday Night Slam Masters (Muscle Bumber) !!!

Onimusha 5
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User Info: Pereb27

4 years ago#43
MGS4SNAKE posted...
Okami II, (along with the 1st in HD for the PS3 retail)

You're welcome.

User Info: notSFF

4 years ago#44
Dragon's Dogma 2.
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User Info: LZetta

4 years ago#45
Breath of Fire VI - Similar to I-IV,nothing like V

Capcom vs Snk 3 - About time this was released.

Megaman Legend 3

User Info: osboes

4 years ago#46
Monster Hunter PS3

User Info: Cozmo_

4 years ago#47
osboes posted...
Monster Hunter PS3

This, and Monster Hunter Frontier needs to be brought over here

User Info: hellvomit

4 years ago#48
Shadow of Rome II.

User Info: Jonvandamm

4 years ago#49
I want a game they've pretty much neglected since the NES, and that's "Tatakai no Banka". It was released as Trojan in the States, and I would love either a remake, or a sequel.
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User Info: zUkUu

4 years ago#50
Street Fighter V
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