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List the next great game you want from Capcom.

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User Info: kilaude

4 years ago#51
Breath of Fire VI with fast turn based battles

User Info: darkness1018

4 years ago#52
Onimusha, either a new title or a remake.
A new Veiwtiful Joe game.
A new Breath of Fire game.
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User Info: KadiroKapira

4 years ago#53
A new Breath of Fire or a new Onimusha
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User Info: Mugen_Wing

4 years ago#54
Megaman Remake
New Viewtiful Joe
New Powerstone
New Breath of Fire
New Okami

In no specific order.

User Info: Weejiez

4 years ago#55
Breath of Fire VI
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User Info: Asd202

4 years ago#56
Breath of Fire :(

User Info: DarknessXSeeker

4 years ago#57
Megaman X-9
Devil May Cry 5
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User Info: Marozi

4 years ago#58
Breath of Fire reboot with action-combat system (like the Tales series), Ryu slowly fills a gauge up as he attacks, when the gauge is full, overlimit dragon mode can be activated, powering him up to the dragon-hybrid form found in BoF 3 (Warrior/Myrmidon) 4 (default) and 5 (default) whereupon he kicks unholy amounts of buttocks.
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User Info: chiefofsb78

4 years ago#59
Capcom vs SNK 3

User Info: agrissa

4 years ago#60
Topic fail. Capcom is now incapable of delivering great games. I guess we're pretending we're in an alternate universe where Capcom is actually a good company that cares about fans?
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  3. List the next great game you want from Capcom.

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