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Hardest RPG boss ever ?

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User Info: Astroshak

4 years ago#111
Remove the Limiter from the final boss of Star Ocean 2.

Then say Hello to the Hardest RPG boss.

User Info: darkus_f

4 years ago#112
Well from the rpgs I played it's KH1 Sephiroth (two hits and you're dead) followed by FF7's Ruby Weapon (almost impossible without KOTR). I beat both though. :D
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User Info: Gamer4ever77

4 years ago#113
GazelMinistry posted...
Gamer4ever77 posted...
That big giant ball thing from Final Fantasy VIII. He's the optional boss.

Ultimate and Omega Weapon are the optional bosses of Final Fantasy VIII. Neither are "giant ball things."

Final Fantasy IX had Ozma. He was a giant ball.

My addition to the list is Miang in Opiomorph. Obviously, this battle is made more difficult given that it immediately follows the battle with Ramsus in Amphysvena. Also, earlier in the game, the battle with the Solaris Knights and Elly if you are ill-prepared.

My mistake. It's been awhile since I played 9.
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User Info: neroAngelo

4 years ago#114
I guess I'd have to go with the 2 that I haven't been able to beat. Xorn, the final boss in Grandia 3, who can one shot your entire party no matter what level you are, and Lavos in Chrono Trigger. Lavos's regeneration makes him a real pain to deal with. He can also 2-3 shot anyone in my party, I don't remember what level I am, but I don't think I'm under leveled.
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User Info: Mr Crispy

Mr Crispy
4 years ago#115
ChibiGoku 302 posted...
Why is there hardly any mention of any of the SaGa games here...?

Anyways. I'd probably have to say most of the final bosses in SaGa Frontier at full Battle Rank. Somehow, even if you're well prepared, the game takes note of the battle rank and just totally ruins most of your strategies. Really messes me up when I'm trying to plan out a proper solo run through.

The difficulty on the original Super Famicom release of Romancing SaGa was also ridiculous, since the game expects you to somehow survive hordes of monsters in any given area, and can have roughly 8 enemies (maybe more or less) per battle. Ugh.

I've also heard the final boss of Romancing SaGa Minstrel Song (the PS2 remake) with all Destiny Stones is... yeah. I'm freaking shocked people can even do that fight on Solo, from what I've seen of it.

eh, the sfc version of RS1 was probably the easiest game in the series. That version of Saruin is a joke, only problem is running out of wp and items and such if you don't have phantom warrior or whatever it's called in that version since it's a long battle. He's just really tanky and his basic attack halves damage done against him or something. Remake version is harder, yes.

Never had much problem with Egg, it's just a long battle for the most part. And I thought that people didn't really have a problem with SF aside from Virgil and some of the super encounters.

IMO the hardest SaGa boss not counting optionals is either the Destroyer or the Seven Heroes.
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