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God of War 3,have you platinum'd this game?

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User Info: lebronwadebosh

4 years ago#1
have you platinum'd GoW3? - Results (160 votes)
50.63% (81 votes)
No ,i don't plan on getting a platinum trophy in this game.
23.75% (38 votes)
No, not yet but i'm working on it.
6.25% (10 votes)
No, don't have the game
19.38% (31 votes)
This poll is now closed.

User Info: IBringIt

4 years ago#2
I'm 2 trophies away from the plat. I'll get it at some point but I'm in no hurry. It's been like that for about a year and a half now.
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User Info: Azure_lKite

4 years ago#3
Yep. I usually don't care for trophies, but the ones in GoW III were super easy.

Plus I really like the series.
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User Info: suprsolider

4 years ago#4
No, I have had the game since it came out and I haven't even got 1 trophy for it yet.

I am playing through the games in order of story. I finished God of War Chains of Olympus (on the PSP itself, I haven't started the PS3 run yet), I am at the fight with Aries at the end of the first game (on PS2 but I still have to do the PS3 run yet), haven't started on the other ones yet.

I have Ghost of Sparta on PS3 and PSP and I have God of War II on PS2 and PS3.

I just wind up getting caught up with other games and never go back to these ones. I will eventually.
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User Info: LuminescentRule

4 years ago#5
Platinumed all GoW games.
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User Info: awesomesauce13

4 years ago#6
Really easy platinum trophy. I don't think there were any I had to actually go out of my way to get

User Info: abdou

4 years ago#7

User Info: Aydarkzero

4 years ago#8
I'm just missing Titan mode and that's it
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User Info: Kylo_Ren_

4 years ago#9
Aydarkzero posted...
I'm just missing Titan mode and that's it
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User Info: jammitin

4 years ago#10
GOW 3 is definitely the easiest plat out of the all the GOW games.
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