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ITT stupidest arguments related to gaming you have heard this gen

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User Info: Wozman23

5 years ago#31
Colorful cartoony games are kiddie games.
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User Info: Nik_Nack

5 years ago#32
If you play CoD at all, even if you play other games, you're a dudebro moron who only likes pewpew and doesn't have the comprehension or ability to understand and get enjoyment out of other (story driven) games.....that logic >_>.
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User Info: tmons78

5 years ago#33
Video games cause mass shootings.

User Info: boredofyou

5 years ago#34
That if someone does not agree with your system choice(s) they are stupid.

That folks shouldn't care about the state of gaming, their hobby which presumably they enjoy, if they feel it isn't doing well.

That systems sold or shipped equates to how good they are.

That games going cross platform is a bad thing. Or that the fact a game goes cross platform makes the system it was originally exclusive to somehow lame or weak.

That a game developer now sucks because they haven't put out anything YOU like in a while.. They still exist, they must be doing something right. Especially in today's business climate.

The Wrpg vs Jrpg arguments. Shut up about what's better, you are wasting valuable gaming time. Play what you enjoy.
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User Info: BoosterBurst

5 years ago#35
PAAGGs / pewpews are good, is the stupidest argument related to gaming that I have heard this gen.

Final Fantasy still being good is another very stupid argument.

Resident Evil, Splinter Cell, DmC, still being good are other very stupid arguments. It is also very stupid to think that just because they've changed means that they have changed for the better, since there's also changing for the worse, which these games have.

User Info: AnonUnknown

5 years ago#36
Social gaming is the future. Now Zynga is collapsing. HAH!

Also, japanese games influenced by Call of Doody.
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User Info: M_Llama

5 years ago#37
PS3 has no games.
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User Info: Hammerhead6468

5 years ago#38
este914 posted...
Digital Games > Physical Games


Um... you've never been introduced to Steam have you?
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User Info: justdontask

5 years ago#39
"is it an Xbox or a Xbox" was the funniest...... dumbest? i have no clue..... actually... a good question would be, "have you had an intelligent disagreement related to gaming this gen?"
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User Info: hyjinx17

5 years ago#40
"Graphics make the game"
"Xbox is better"
"PS3 is better"
"Vita is more powerful so is better then 3DS"
"Vita has no 3D, so 3DS is obviously better"
and of course most recently...
"Wii U is not next gen"

all winners right here
Rainbow Dash is best pony. The only argument I will accept is for Twilight Sparkle.
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