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ITT stupidest arguments related to gaming you have heard this gen

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User Info: NextGenISbetter

4 years ago#41
este914 posted...
Digital Games > Physical Games


Yet another clueless one
Next gen is better. Read my user name if you are at all confused by this. Will $ony be in last place again next gen ?

User Info: Arin_Apokolips

4 years ago#42
"This is the worst gaming generation"
The world is your playground.

User Info: SandOnMyBoot

4 years ago#43
"Gamers are a bunch of self-entitled whiners"
"It's the dev's game so they can do anything they want with it"
"I only had 3 Xbox 360s fail on me"
"If you don't like Disc-Locked Content, then don't buy it"
"FFXIII has a couple flaws but I loved it and don't understand why so many hate it"
"Antis only hate DmC because Dante's hair is different"
"What was cool 12 years ago isn't cool anymore"
"It'll run at 30fps but feel like 60fps"
"Streamlining gameplay is a good idea, especially in a sequel"

User Info: Pigfarts

4 years ago#44
If gamestop takes the wrapper off a product and gives you a display case with a sticker on it, its still considered new.

I still can't wrap my head around that one.
If you don't like the smell of pigfarts, stay out of the pigpen.

User Info: Psychofang12001

4 years ago#45
How its a good idea for free to play games force u to spend hundreds of dollars for these(rare) items!!!!! What happened when games were complete lol
the puppy tried to moo but chose to eat steak instead

User Info: jakestar0306

4 years ago#46
este914 posted...
Digital Games > Physical Games


Tell that to any PC gamer.
Mega Man Powered Up is the best PSP exclusive and you know it.

User Info: TKDBoy1889

4 years ago#47
Dumbest arguments I've heard this gen?

-"This system is only for casuals, they don't get true gamers." True gamers are the ones who play good games, not caring solely for blood or Michael-Bay level action.
-"This system betrayed their hardcore fanbase." The whole 'hardcore gamer' thing just irritates me.
-"This system and the company it sucks!" So many fanboys out there that love products for the name only, or hate it depending.
-"This game sucks cause it's not original!" Followed by same people saying "This game sucks, it's not like the older games of the series." Which one do you want? Learn to actually enjoy this hobby you claim to enjoy.

User Info: killak

4 years ago#48
From: darkphoenix181 | #001
Shipped =/= Sold.
Oh really? Last time I checked retailers didn't get items for free nor do they pay Sony/Microsoft only when customers buy off the shelf.
Not only that, the mentality here is that retailers just aimlessly stock up on products despite whether customers are actually buying them or not.

You're missing the point entirely. hell you're not even trying.

Shipped is sold to retailers, yes. So it counts as a sale of sorts. The reason people says shipped =/= sold, is because most use it as a gauge to prove that x product is selling like hotcakes and therefore popular, when it's just retailer stock, not end user stock.

It very well could be end user stock, but that isn't a number that can be easily tracked, if at all.
This gen: Whining, gamers with an amazing sense of entitlement... waiting for pricedrops, cheering for studio closure and wondering why the industry changes

User Info: Scion_Machina

4 years ago#49
I don't know where to start......all the good ones seem to be taken.

Oh yeah,people complaining about Lightning's LR outfit while her XIII-2 outfit was basically a Victoria's Secret Armor Edition lingerie.
Let this be a lesson kids. When debating,solve your disagreements not with words but by screaming,"I am a man!!!!" and punching them in the gut.

User Info: btmudd28

4 years ago#50

The argument is just pointless and leads to nowhere. Neither side is going to convince the other or anything different than they already believe.
R.I.P. Dante Sparda (2001-2010)
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