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DmC only 7 hours long

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User Info: 8f9g43k8ku7335p

4 years ago#31
An action/adventure game that's 7-10 hours long. Was anyone seriously not expecting this?

I don't see a major difference whether it's 7 or 20 hours. Both can be beaten as a rental if a story is all you care about. I just wish gamers would stop making a huge fuss about it as if it hasn't been this way for many years.

User Info: hotgirlsarehot

4 years ago#32
Time is money, so Capcom cared about the DMC fans and made a short game so they can enjoy real life.

Why waste more than 10 hours on a non-sports/racing game when you can better use that time to work at a real job, volunteer, go out, etc?

User Info: gamebuyer22

4 years ago#33
I beat the first Devil May Cry in under 6 hours my first time through.

User Info: Pereb27

4 years ago#34
And this is the number one reason I buy almost exclusively RPGs (specifically JRPGs but that's an entirely different matter, and personal preference).
I like to have the most bang for my buck.

Not saying short games are bad, but I will always favor long games.
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