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POLL: What's the Greatest RPG this Generation?

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User Info: DarknessXSeeker

4 years ago#31
The World Ends With You, that is one of the most amazing games I have ever played.
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User Info: Virtue777

4 years ago#32
It's really tough to choose between Xenoblade and Dark Souls for me, but ultimately I ended up choosing Xenoblade for a few reasons.

Xenoblade is one of those rare games that really goes out of its way to impact the player. It's one of the few games where I could only really find one flaw, and I tend to be extremely critical on games. And the only flaw I could find with the game is the "future-seeing" mechanic happening too frequently in normal battles (there should have seriously been like a 30 second cooldown on the death prediction thing). Other than that, the game is flawless.

It's a game that knows its hardware limitations, so it presents the player a beautifully crafted huge open world with very unique locales, rather than trying to improve upon standard fantasy themed areas.

The music is memorable, hell before I jumped onto GameFAQs, I started listening to Mechonis Field. So many tracks just really stick with you. People hype up One Winged Angel and Otherworld as some of the best video game compositions ever created, but honestly I'll take Zanza (if you haven't played the game, please don't read YouTube comments on this track, it'll spoil a lot) over either of those any day.

The story is easily the most well-crafted and unique story to come from a video game in many, many years. It's a game that knows JRPGs are getting redundant at this point. We've seen just about everything writers can think of in some sort of video game format, so Xenoblade does everything it can to explore different themes. The setting itself is unlike anything else I have ever heard of. Without giving away more than what you can read on the back of the box, is there another story that takes place on the corpses of two gods, one mechanical and one biological? The pacing of the game really helps keep the player interested in what's going on. The plot segments and cutscenes are spread out just enough so that you don't really get tired of either the game itself or the story, you're always going to switch gears every 45 minutes or so (after the intro at least).

Another thing Xenoblade does that really sticks with me, is how well done the antagonist is. It's easy to sympathize with the antagonist, yet at the same time he/she is a power-hungry maniac. Most games usually go one route or the other. You either feel bad for killing the main antagonist, or you really want to take them down because they're out of their mind.

tl;dr version: Xenoblade is the best game since Chrono Trigger.
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User Info: loonievsgap1245

4 years ago#33
where is Final Fantasy XIII-2???????

User Info: fakewars

4 years ago#34
Radiant Hsitoria

User Info: Sorv

4 years ago#35
Lost Odyssey for me. The only truly turn-based RPG this gen.
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User Info: SpacePirateSeal

4 years ago#36
This list is lacking. Anyways! I'ma go with Tales of Graces F, even though I SHOULD go with Persona 4, I won't cuz I forgot how cute my smelly waifu Pascal is.
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User Info: Artic_Kaze

4 years ago#37
I can't decide. For me, it's either between Mass Effect 1, Persona 4 Arena, or Tales of Vesperia.
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User Info: Reginleif20

4 years ago#38
Xenoblade in the lead, this board did something right for a change
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User Info: MrDarkZer0

4 years ago#39
this thread again?

User Info: bobfish13

4 years ago#40
i only have one question why is persona 4 not on this poll yet fallout 3 is?
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