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Okay. So why are we not collectively mad about this? (PS3 Bckwrd comp.)

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  3. Okay. So why are we not collectively mad about this? (PS3 Bckwrd comp.)

User Info: XImperialDragon

4 years ago#61
I'm still disappointed by it, but I've been playing my PS2 games on my PC, instead (which is probably not what everyone else has the option of doing).

Xenosaga Episode III and Persona 4 in 4x native resolution with 8x antialiasing (my GTX 295 can't handle more than that. =/)? Yes please.
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User Info: PsychoWolfX

4 years ago#62
I was really mad about it years ago. Still am whenever someone brings it up. Luckily PS2's are still pretty cheap and abundant

User Info: Thor61

4 years ago#63
If the PS3 had backwards compatibility I'd order tons of PS2 games online. The PS2 classics on PSN do the PS2 library no justice. It's only a very small fraction of what the PS2 had. But it's not like it matters that much, I'll save money and find other ways to play.

User Info: TheBonfini

4 years ago#64
People were and are mad about it.

There must have been some board room meeting with shareholders that basically dictated that they can be more profitable with removing it and then using little resources to repackage their best PS2 games in HD and make mad profits off that.

On the plus side, it really did make those old PS2 classics that people were trying to make a fortune off on eBay more worthless when you can get a better experience for cheaper.

I think they should have BC AND still do HD releases.. I would like to play my old PS2 games on PS3 and I would still like to experience my favourites in HD and have two copies too, so I don't know. I might be in the minority with that, though.

Bottom line, Sony cheaped out. And who can blame them, this gen was super expensive for them. Thank god Bluray is paying off or they would be gone the way of Sega as far as videogames are concerned.
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User Info: Code_Yuki

4 years ago#65
I currently have my eyes on PS4 and pretty much nothing else but if it fails to deliver BC even as a cheap external device, I'm pretty much going to put it off and purchase the console that does have it. Since I've already invested in Wii, Wii U would be my next choice. It'll be a pity since I like what Sony offers in terms of games.
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User Info: hamtier

4 years ago#66
most still are mad(as evident in this topic replies) but you deal with it.
besides i'm just happy the console itself is more affordable with it removed. i've had almost no aquintance or friend have a PS3 til later,when the compatibility was removed and made the console more affordable.besides the one's that did have it earlier,complain about having some graphical issues when using the Backward Compatibility.
as far as the HD remakes go:PS2 graphics are really dated and this is painfully so on HD screens.
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User Info: CBrate

4 years ago#67
Because I haven't played a PS2 game since I moved house one and a half years ago and I still have my PS2 for the eventuality that I do.
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User Info: U1gitarooman

4 years ago#68
^^ Yeah, I didn't expect NEARLY this response when I posted it last night.

I don't actually have any problem at all with "HD Remakes." At least they are doing SOMETHING to it to make them more appealing. I'm talking about straight-up, no extras, plain-jane Ps2 games for download. Like Odin Sphere (A game I would had BEGGED for an HD upscaling, considering the devs said all their art could had easily been made into HD) or Disgaea 2.

I'm glad to hear I evidently missed the outrage but at least it was there.
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User Info: indigna7ion

4 years ago#69
_AverageGamer posted...
U1gitarooman posted...

Everyone was mad.

Sony didn't care too much.

We got over it.

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User Info: ExtremeLight

4 years ago#70
I'm mad. Heck I have all these ps2 games just sitting here. I don't want to use my ps2 cause eventually I'll need to take the ps3 to college.Even then not all ps2 titles would be on psn and I don't want to waste money on something i already have.
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  3. Okay. So why are we not collectively mad about this? (PS3 Bckwrd comp.)

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