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Why are 10-13 year olds playing CoD online?

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User Info: Bekness

4 years ago#61
Cpt_Pineapple posted...
Isn't it for 17+?

15+ in Aus.
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User Info: BurgerTime79

4 years ago#62
crazyman32 posted...
Yeah you can buy The Guy Game from third party sellers on Amazon but,the game is bad and way overpriced.

Oh I think people are fully aware how bad the game was. Even without playing it :p
It's overpriced from the average consumer's viewpoint, yes. From a collector's standpoint, a sealed copy of the game I could understand being those prices. The used prices aren't too bad.
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User Info: KCJ5062

4 years ago#63
aPimp_named_leE posted...
kids have been playing m rated games since MK. the only difference now is that you can hear them thanks to headsets. i don't hate on parents for buying their kids violent video games, i despise them because they buy them communication devices for said game/console. some are respectful and great team players that listen or give valuable feedback, but for the most part they are loud and rude scoundrels that smack and hate talk thanks to the veil of anonymity (like most of the CoD fans anyway, but with squeakier and more annoying voices.)

I think you'll find most kids with headsets on XBL more than PSN. As when you buy the 360, the headset comes with it.
Gandalf the Istari 4 years ago#64
Because most people have bad parents.

User Info: Miz_iZ_AwSOme_X

4 years ago#65
The reason why there's kids playing Call of Duty is because they feel like they some badass cool kids who doesn't want to be excluded from everything that's hot atm.

Even though the franchize is garbage now a still the biggest selling fps game and lot of people play this their family members play it and so do their friends at school. its like a chain reaction that just doesn't stop.
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User Info: chrombot

4 years ago#66
ZackG31 posted...
when did you start playing COD

I haven't

User Info: Weiland101

4 years ago#67
This thread is a great example as to why I am so thankful I remained a gaming casual and never became a hardcore gamer. You guys are just the worst kind of people. So much hate for something that doesn't even affect you. It's embarassing.

User Info: Shy420

4 years ago#68
Cpt_Pineapple posted...
Isn't it for 17+?

No, that is the age you need to be to purchase the game. There is no law nor is there any penalties for letting someone under that age play the game. The reason there is age descriptions on the game is to let parents that are too lazy to do research have an idea of what the contents are.
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User Info: Virauge

4 years ago#69
The reason there are so many 13 year olds playing it is because parents are too lazy to pay attention to what their buying.

I was at EB games (Gamestop) one day and a mother came in with her 10-12 year old son. They walked to to the counter where she proceeded to chew out the guy working at the til because she bought a CoD game and she had no idea it was that violent. She then went on to blame the guy behind the counter for not warning her that the game contained that much violence. The guy behind the counter let her get all that off her chest and asked her if she asked any questions prior to the purchase and she said no, her son said he wanted it so she got it for him. To which he told her that the game is rated M for Mature, selling it to her is legal, and they had no idea who the game was for nor was it any of their business because an adult was buying the game. She went off on him again about how dare he talk to her like that. He offered in-store credit and she took it then walked out with her son, angrily.

Thats why there are so many kids playing online. Parents don't care or don't pay attention when buying games for their kids.

User Info: Atalalama

4 years ago#70
Cpt_Pineapple posted...
Isn't it for 17+?

It isn't the marketing. It isn't the hype. It isn't even the lame-brain gameplay.

It's because parents are incompetent. The ESRB rating system was founded 18 years ago.


These parents have decided that they don't have the time to monitor what the F*$% their kids are doing (I initially typed doping here...same difference) so they don't really bother to do so; over-protect their brats so they go over to a friends' house who has incompetent parents; decided that any game is a good the TV...while they try for more brats with the neighbors' spouse; still have no idea that games are rated (or worse: Think that rating = quality); they simply don't care because THEY grew up on games & they're healthy. There's a few more I didn't bother to mention because I forget :p

Perfect example: I met-up with one of my co-workers at Game Stop on a Friday, who was in the store with her 6 year old. I was checking out Deathsmiles (great game btw), while she was waiting for her son to find a game HE wanted. What did he find? Saints Row the Third. Naturally, she knows me to love games (read: Knows I'm a geek without a life), so she asked me what I thought. I told her that it's a good game...for an adult. Then I showed her the rating & explained WHY it had that rating.

I found out Monday that she bought the game for him on Saturday, because her son had shown her the gameplay off a friends' copy he was borrowing, and it didn't seem THAT bad to her...even boring, what with all that running around doing nothing. I sighed, got my other co-worker to load-up youtube on his iPhone...and showed her what her son DIDN'T show her.

I learned Tuesday that she returned the game, and her son got into DEEP $hit for lying to her.

tl;dr: Parents are just too stupid.
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