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By the end of its of life time PS3 will still cross 100 million mark. Amazing

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  3. By the end of its of life time PS3 will still cross 100 million mark. Amazing

User Info: ScreamingMidget

4 years ago#101
Love how people are actually taking this seriously lol

User Info: FISTY919

4 years ago#102
So, no numbers?

Greenberg didn't cite numbers only that the vast majority of 360s sold include a hard drive, you can find the ARSP of Xbox 360 in any gamasutra npd article for 2010 onwards where it's ranged $30-50 higher selling price than the PS3 (over $300)

Amazon uk has the 12GB PS3 being 23% more expensive than te 4GB Xbox360

And, Sainsbury and GAME have the 4GB 360 at £150 and the PS3 160GB at £140. 12GB is £120

Where the hell are you getting that from?

Retail prices. It's $300 for a 360 with a HDD and only $250 for a PS3 with one.

Compared to the cheapest launch Xbox360 of $299. That's a price difference of $200.

But only $100 with the most popular unit. You've come apart here. Now you're trying to argue the difference, when you originally stated that the PS3's lowest price of entry was $600

No - $600.

See. Your words. At worse the PS3 was $100 more expensive, now it's $50 cheaper.

Next time, try to read what you post - Sony's Consumer Products and Services division - which houses its PlayStation, TV, video, digital imaging, PC and mobile businesses

Read the link, it was Playstations fault.

They posted a positive operating income in FY2010 and FY2011. The profit during FY2011 was 29.3 Billion Yen. Try again.

LOL Why use Yen. Is it to make it look bigger. The Playstation division has posted a profit in one fiscal year since PS3 launched. ONE. Only to be followed by a catastrophically unprofitable following quarter. 400M profit for the year means little when you lost $1.8 billion the next quarter.

Source for NPD?
Source for media create?

NPD and media create sales figures YTD totals. There was kind of a clue in there.

More PS3s has been sold per year on average than the 360.

And as pointed out, this might have something to do with all the fire sales. Given teh 360 holds the record of most HD consoles sold in a given gear, an extra $175 off since then could only have benifited.

And MS offers price cuts over the holiday periods

As does Sony and they have no permanence.

and has the cheapest HD console worldwide.

No more excuses with a 12Gb unit.
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  3. By the end of its of life time PS3 will still cross 100 million mark. Amazing

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