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Why did so many PS2 fans buy a 360 instead of a PS3?

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User Info: Jhardy12121

4 years ago#31
My main reasons were price and it coming out earlier. I eventually got a PS3 in 2009. Subscribe and rate

User Info: wafflekings

4 years ago#32
Why did so many Lakers fans become Clippers fans?

User Info: Kingmichael1337

4 years ago#33
early on in the generation, ps3 didn't seem to have much going for it; it was more expensive than xbox 360, supposedly really difficult to code for, had much weaker multiplats (supposedly orange box was terrible on ps3, for example), etc.

article from 6 years ago featuring gabe newell's opinion at the time:

also, xbox 360 had gears of war and bioshock in 2007; ps3 never got gears of war (obviously) and only got bioshock a year later. xbox 360 also got oblivion sooner. those were all really big name games that a lot of people liked.

User Info: Lawfulgoodness

4 years ago#34
I'd loved my PS2, but I was really, really done with Japanese RPGs and the xbox seemed to have more high-quality western rpgs than the ps2 had.

Secondly, I actually liked the feel of the 360 controller far more than the playstation's classic controller.

Third, Oblivion was only 360 for a good while there.
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User Info: Stone_Magnet

4 years ago#35
1. Came out first.

2. rise of the FPS.

User Info: Kikuichimonji

4 years ago#36
Yes, the RPGs for me. PS3 didn't have the RPG library like PS2 did. Star Ocean 4, FF13 and such were all cross console. Plus 360 got Vesperia first, and since it's cheaper, so I went for 360 first. Eventually PS3 is getting some decent exclusive RPGs.
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User Info: Xroalia

4 years ago#37
Well for me it was the fact that my PS2 broke and the PS3 wasn't backwards compatible and it turned out to be cheaper at the time to buy a new PS2 and Xbox 360 than it was to buy a PS3 alone. The PS3 was really overpriced.
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User Info: TheTenth10

4 years ago#38
it came out first, riddled with technical problems and knowing it but having a foothold on the generation was more important to M$ than pleasing customers
and it allowed them to secure exclusivity on some licences (Mass Effect, gears of war) and to have gmae publishers lie to customers about "full exclusivity" when it was "timed exclusivity" (Bioshock, Eternal sonata ...)

User Info: metachlorian

4 years ago#39
brand loyalty is silly considering all companies only care about money(as they should). Sticking with brand just because you used one of their products before should is just dumb when you have other viable options.

User Info: angry_cowtipper

4 years ago#40
1) It came out a year in advance.

2) It wasn't $600

3) It forced companies to put old PS franchises for on it due to its popularity, ajd offered better versions of most of them.

From 2005-2008, why WOULD you have chosen a PS3?
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