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Why do you guys play RPGs?

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User Info: DocDelicious

4 years ago#21
Storyline and Lore. Most important aspect for me. Storyline is self-explanatory. But as for Lore; the more people I can talk to in-game, books I can read, what-have-you, the better.

Character Interaction. Complex relationships between characters is intriguing to me. Especially personal and political relationships.

Stat and Gear Planning and Min/Maxing. I love games with large ability/skill "trees" that allow for combining/piggybacking to get out-of-the-box results. Or if class-based stat progression is present I love figuring out what combos will result in the best character.

Collectibles. The more stupid s*** I can collect the better. That includes armor/weapons/whatever. If in-game storage allows I will make sure I have at least one of every possible item.

Those are my "RPG-things".
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User Info: Magnum_Dan

4 years ago#22
If I want a challenge, I come up with some useful new technology or solve some important real world problem. I play games for the one thing real life doesn't seam to provide anymore. Adventure.
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User Info: Joey2cool

4 years ago#23
toadieman posted...
Building characters to be powerful.
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User Info: sillycatsteven

4 years ago#24
story (dialogue) and gameplay. after being spoiled by FF7 and 8, music.
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User Info: Kikuichimonji

4 years ago#25
Some people are right on about story and character development. They are unmatched versus other genres; something at this extent only to be pulled off in an RPG due to the characteristics of the genre. Some of the nicest tunes I've heard from a game also came from RPGs.
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User Info: XImperialDragon

4 years ago#26
Some I play for the storyline, like Xenosaga Episode III, Xenoblade and Baldur's Gate II, some I play for the combat systems, like Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria, the Tales of series and Mass Effect. Some I play just for the complete experience, like the latest Elder Scrolls titles, Kingdoms of Amalur or Persona 4.

Some I play because they're ridiculously addicting, like Borderlands, Riviera: The Promised Land or Ar Tonelico 2. Some I play for the character development, like Dragon Age (moreso Baldur's Gate II, but whatever), Planescape: Torment or Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga. Some I enjoy because I can appreciate a well-designed challenge like Demon's Souls or SMT: Nocturne. Sometimes I enjoy having my success or failure entirely depend upon what I do or say, like in Ultima IV (less so in newer games, where it mostly results in linear progression but gives a changed dialogue option or two).

I play RPGs because I love the genre. It can be a strategy RPG like Disgaea, Final Fantasy Tactics or Eternal Poison. It can be an action RPG like Kingdom Hearts, Star Ocean 2, The World Ends With You or Terranigma. It can be a dungeon crawler, a pen-and-paper inspired RPG, anything. Literally if it's an RPG I'll try to play it at some point because they're just the kind of games I like the most.
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User Info: Drakemood

4 years ago#27
- Story
- Gameplay
- This is for tales and dragon age only, funny cast is a must, yes i see you, oghren and pascal.
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User Info: SandOnMyBoot

4 years ago#28
Immersion. I love the feeling of exploring the world, fighting to grow stronger, and having a fleshed out story to keep me interested in continuing. If any of these aspects aren't up to par, either one of the others has to step up its game or else my enjoyment goes away.

User Info: oxnerd

4 years ago#29
Love being drawn into new worlds. Love developing characters. Love hating them or liking what they become in the end.
Things that take years to witness in real life can happen in just a few hours after defeating a boss, its a great feeling.

User Info: Robur1985

4 years ago#30
Same as everyone else I suppose,
-Story depth is usually good.
-Plenty of hours of play for you money.
-Building a character from the ground up is very satisfying.
-A lot of RPG's are based in a world that no doubt most players would love to have been born into :)
-Not just depth of story but also quality and a good RPG can get a player emotionally invested in the plot etc, always makes for a better game.
-many other reasons that would be more specific per game.
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