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Poll: What's the Greatest RPG of all-time?

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User Info: fsunolez75

4 years ago#181
Gotta go with Chrono Trigger
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User Info: eziokratosleon

4 years ago#182
just a little more , and FFVII will beat Chrono Trigger!

User Info: lito119

4 years ago#183
I personal favorite RPG's will be Person 4, FFVII, FFX, Kingdom Hearts II, and Tales of Vesperia, with Fallout 3 close to these 5.

User Info: Lord_Kagato

4 years ago#184
Another poll where Final fantasy 7 is still considered to be one of "THA BEST EVAR."

I'm still lost on what made it so much better than any other Final Fantasy story. I voted for Persona 4 myself.
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User Info: SuigintouEV

4 years ago#185
TJSpyke posted...
To those who picked FF7, go back and play that game again. It SUCKS and has aged horribly. People back then were just blinded by the CG cutscenes.

Funny, I replayed it in 2012, and actually liked it better than the first time around way back more than a decade ago. Do the graphics and cutscenes suck now? Sure. Were the characters and their interactions lacking by modern standards? Perhaps. But the coherency of the plot and the pacing are definitely top tier and timeless.
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User Info: ekstrj

4 years ago#186
I'm just happy Earthbound made it on the list of choices for this Poll so I didn't have to choose Other and then complain about it, heh.
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User Info: TirMcDohl

4 years ago#187
eziokratosleon posted...
just a little more , and FFVII will beat Chrono Trigger!

yeah, people will do anything to hate FF VII. I welcome all the hate toward FF VII . These dumbasses didn't realize that what they did is actually hyping the game even more.
So yeah, please HATE FF VII.

Even 20 years from now, FF VII still stand as the best RPG ever made in the game industry.
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User Info: jenovaschilld

4 years ago#188
That current list cannot possibly be used to determine greatest of all time, but of that list FF7.
While Xenogears was the greatest RPG opera,
and Suikoden 2 the best story telling,
Chronotrigger best art and story directing

But for one to have them all - yeah FFVII had a ton of content and and it was all great.

On that note I also think Grandia and Grandia 2 should be on there, while not the best surely runner up material.

User Info: vanguard29

4 years ago#189
ff7 off that list, but mass effect would be strong compitition...

EDIT: almost forgot tales of symphonia.
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User Info: luminion187

4 years ago#190
Terotrous posted...
luminion187 posted...
I actually think Suikoden III is better than II (obviously I'm going to get flamed for this by jaded gamers who wear nostalgia glasses).

Its gameplay clearly isn't. There's a lot more to do in Suikoden 2, and the battle system is a bit better as well. Strategy battles are way better in 2.

That being said, I think the 3 viewpoints approach was interesting, but ultimately it feels padded. I think each character's 3 chapters have about enough interesting material for one chapter, while the rest is either dull or repeated. Some pruning would have helped the pacing of the game tremendously, as by the time it gets interesting in late Chapter 4 (around 50! hours in), it's also almost over.

At least the music from Duck Village is awesome. I should listen to that now.

interesting -- I really hate that description. It comes across as dismissive. No, Suikoden 3's trinity system was more than interesting -- it was amazing, it was compelling, it was revolutionary. Suikoden fans were so obsessed with 2 due to nostalgia that they didn't even give Suikoden 3 much of a chance (I even know an idiot who said 4 was better than 3....we're not friends anymore). The story telling (not the actual story itself) in Suikoden 2 was just so boring and mundane to me. You had a mute protagonist and a single viewpoint whereas in 3 you had 4 protagonists (plus the secret antagonist chapters) and multiple viewpoints.

Most of the elements in the game (Suikoden 2) were standard JRPG fare aside from the 108 characters and owning your own castle. At least with 3 they tried something new. Although their execution was a little rough you still have to admire their ambition and creativity.
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