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What disc is in your Ps3?

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User Info: TheGreatFiGHtME

4 years ago#351
"I'm a boxcar and a jug of wine. I make the money. I roll the nickels."

User Info: BossVersion1

4 years ago#352
L.A. Noire Complete Edition

User Info: ThaElementz

4 years ago#353
Kevinroth666 posted...

User Info: OEIO999

4 years ago#354
Fallout: New Vegas UE

My PS3 hates me...

User Info: cambosteve

4 years ago#355
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

User Info: Jonami90

4 years ago#356
Anarchy Reigns.
Now, as a society we have very good reasons for not allowing officers to scream "FOR JUSTICE!" and jam their hands into any pelvis they want - Cracked

User Info: Brocken_Jr

4 years ago#357
yakuza 5
I retired from boxing with 1 win and 0 losses. My perfect streak lives on.

User Info: brokenedge32

4 years ago#358
Borderlands 2
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User Info: eZseven

4 years ago#359
Dark Souls

User Info: bman52480

4 years ago#360
Dredd Blu Ray
"The Miss Universe Pageant is fixed, the winners are always from Earth."
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