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What disc is in your Ps3?

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User Info: LocalTreat

4 years ago#41
None at the moment, Koudelka (disc 1) was the last one to be in there.

Currently having a hard time deciding what to play next since I'm not in the mood for Koudelka right now. :P

User Info: Pro_Tactician

4 years ago#42
Mugen Souls should be in there... If not then Blazblue Continuum Shift

User Info: higherflyerJ

4 years ago#43
Sleeping Dogs
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User Info: Bob_Loblaw215

4 years ago#44
Chuck season 4 disc 3.

User Info: ninja3213

4 years ago#45
FIFA 13 I believe.
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User Info: OrangeSchweese

4 years ago#46
UMvC3, which I really don't care for. The first game was awesome. Second turned into a spam fest. Third continued the trend and introduced a horrible graphical style. Honestly, my favorite feature is the soundtrack.

User Info: patfly

4 years ago#47
Atelier Meruru

User Info: the_requiem

4 years ago#48
Kingdoms of Amalur. I've been playing only downloaded games since that one. PS+ is good.
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User Info: rab103

4 years ago#49
Ratchet and Clank QForce is in mine.
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User Info: rockymin

4 years ago#50
3D dot Game Heroes. Fun game. I'm currently in the 3rd temple right now.
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