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Will you guys be sticking with Sony next generation?

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User Info: xMotherPuncherx

4 years ago#111
TheBlueAngel posted...
I was seriously disappointed this generation with the PS3. It seems like all the big games such as Skyrim and Call of Duty run better on the 360. These are the games that I enjoy playing the most. Plus, with next generation, rumor has it the 720 will be more powerful and that Ubisoft is already making a game for it. Most companies work on the 360 game and then port it to the PS3. This would mean that most games run better on the 360 originally. Also, more people play on the 360 than the PS3 right now. Wouldn't it make more sense to go with Microsoft next generation?

I don't think so.

My first console from the most recent gen was the Wii. While it was fun and I saw the potential, I got rid of it and had a 360. I played it non stop, had my friends list full constantly, always had the gold service, and over my time owning it, built a library of more than 80 games. After I lost a 3rd console to RROD, I decided to give up on the console.

Sometime while spending a lot of time gaming on the 360, I decided to get a PS3. I noticed, and to this day still do notice, it's better build quality, better graphics, and simpler design. Now, call me a fanboy, whatever you want, but up until recently I had all 3 systems from that gen. In my 5 year span with the Xbox, I went through 3, while I've had my PS3 for about 4 years without problem.

I normally make my decision on what console to buy of the next gen based on my experience with the last gen. That's why I got the Wii first, despite all three being out, because I had such an awesome experience with the Gamecube. Now while I haven't really stuck with that rule this coming gen, having purchased a WiiU and 3DS, I will be holding out on the next Xbox based off of the 360.

Again, call me a fanboy, but I believe in track records. I've never had a problem with any Sony system. All the way from the PS1 to the PS3 and every handheld Sony system inbetween, always had great build quality. Same goes for Nintendo. I'm not hating on Microsoft, but I just honestly don't see why anyone would invest in their next console as their main console of that gen. I get it that it'll be more powerful, have more of this and more of that, but that was the problem with 360 combined with the build quality.

I'm gonna wait for about 3 years after the 720's release to purchase one. Next console purchase will be a PS4 though.

Anyway, didn't mean to rant. Hope some of this made sense.
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User Info: MotiJr

4 years ago#112
From: carsauce | #510
Mark you words people, I recall there was a thread like this for the PS3 before it came out LOL and how I remember everyone praised on 360, so really this thread is pointless, but go away go to your other systems, and then crawl back when Sony does it again with the PS4 and brings back an even bigger impact in gaming.

Meh, IMO Sony had their glory days during the PS2 era. Microsoft might be some money hungry SOBs but atleast there is quality in some of their work. Hardware might be rubbish but their online services are clearly the best of last gen and their controllers are also much better. In that regard, I'm glad Nintendo used Microsoft's design for a controller and wisely stayed away from the Sony design. The PlayStation controllers are incredibly uncomfortable to hold and the triggers feel as though they will break at the slightest touch.

Oh, and maybe you're young but Sony have definitely not impacted gaming with the PS3. If anything, they've done more harm than good. PS2 was great and so was PS1 but the PS3 is an embarrassment in comparison. It feels like the system where Sony sold out and traded in creativity for superficial games.

I've looked for a reason to buy a PS3 since prices have reduced but I can't justify buying a system when only 1 or 2 games interest me. So don't worry, I won't be crawling back to Sony for the PS4 but thanks for your concern. With my final exam over with for this semester, I can finally get back to playing my Wii U and finishing my games in preparation for the incoming games of this year. Lego City ans MH3U are truly going to take all my attention.
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User Info: vecryn

4 years ago#113
sticking with.... well right now I have a PS3, a Wii, and a 360 so if that answers your question of what I stick with then there ya go.

User Info: Sun Xiao

Sun Xiao
4 years ago#114
I am PS fan since PS one. However, this doesn't mean I am compltely loyalty to Sony because I am used to be Nintendo follower till they changed their goal that would focus on children games.

Yet, PS3 begun to decline that may force me to make decision which I could go back to Nintendo as long as they have good rpgs/srpgs library. Of course, I begun to buy more NDS and 3DS games ever ,so this might be direction that's where I will go ,but I will wait and see what will happen next.
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User Info: Draconas_Lyrr

4 years ago#115
I'm only getting the PS4 next gen. I don't like anything about the Wii U, or the direction Nintendo has been going, and my 360 turned into a paperweight because I never used it.
PSN: Draconas_Lyrr
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User Info: Zombie_Socks_96

4 years ago#116
Depends what you mean. Will I be buying a PS4/Orbis? Yes I will be. Will I be only buying a PS4/Orbis? No, I show no allegiance to one system, I already have a Wii U and will be getting a PS4/Orbis and Xbox720/Durango when they release.
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User Info: blud_bilge

4 years ago#117
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User Info: guamguyravin

4 years ago#118
I don't live in my parents basement so I buy the Xbox and Playstation and enjoy what both systems have to offer

User Info: shiny_plusle

4 years ago#119
I plan to, although I will most likely will be buying all 3 next generation consoles at some point. If the PS4/Orbis releases this fall around the same time as the 720/Durango, I will be buying the PS4 first.

User Info: PHEEliNUX

4 years ago#120
Depends if it will have RPGs or not like now
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