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Will you guys be sticking with Sony next generation?

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User Info: Master_Bass

4 years ago#61
I'll most likely get a PS4 if it has some good exclusive games. I usually end up getting every system in a generation. I might not get Microsoft's this time if they don't start focusing on good games again, though. For multi-platform games I prefer my PC anyway so my Xbox is a bit underused at the moment.

User Info: chiefofsb78

4 years ago#62
PS been the king of consoles 3 gens straight now no sense in backing out now

User Info: Reis_DeSanguine

4 years ago#63
depends on what steam is up to

User Info: ShinXagura

4 years ago#64
darkstar4221 posted...
It has to have BC with PS3, PS2, and PS1 games. It has to be easily hackable just like how the PSX, PS2, and PSP was. It cannot block used games, it cannot be charging those god damn online passes. And Sony should not be imposing their strict anti-piracy policies on the consumers like they did with the Vita and PS3. Then there would be a reason to buy one.

This. I agree.
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User Info: ab2c4

4 years ago#65
I will if it is reasonably priced, has the DS3 controller or very similar, and DOESN'T FORCE MOTION CONTROLS OR 3D ON US!

User Info: nihilist212

4 years ago#66
Most likely. I've never cared for a MS exclusive game, they just don't interest me. Plus I despise their controller.
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User Info: smashedpoop

4 years ago#67
TheBlueAngel posted...
kloud 11 posted...
If it got the games I want, yes

Based off this gen, I'd wager I will buy one and prob pick up a wii u eventually too. Microsoft is the one I'm doubting.

Isn't Microsoft the one making a lot of money right now? While Sony is no way, shape, or form to lose money off the next console like they did the PS3?

You do realize that Sony sells T.v's, Laptops, and Blu-ray disc players right? The Playstation 3 is selling quite well too

User Info: Bleach313

4 years ago#68
MadDewg posted...
Actually, when it comes to full japanese support (and genres like jrpgs), both the next xbox and next playstation is going to be the last place you will find a lot, and that is basically guaranteed at this point.

Think about it for a sec....japanese companies, and other smaller devs, complain that its extremely expensive to make games now. The reason you see a lack of creativity compared to the ps2 days, the reason you see way less jrpgs on consoles, the reason you see handhelds getting way more support from japan compared to consoles, all of it has mostly to do with costs for creating games and people barely buying said games on consoles (one of the reasons you'll commonly see for the low sales is because these games usually lack the huge budgets your typical "aaa" game gets, so they tend to not have as great voice acting, graphics, etc. etc....which in the long run gives these type of games low sales in the west, and with the japanese playerbase mainly playing on portables in japan).

The companies that is pushing for new consoles...these is mostly the "big guys", companies like epic, ubi soft, and activision...companies that can actually afford to create games on newer tech right now. Majority of the japanese devs (even the bigger ones like square-enix), is basically thinking "**** that noise", and is why you see most of their biggest stuff on handhelds (and in square's case phones) these days, like the upcoming shin megami game on 3DS, monster hunter 4 being made on 3DS instead of a console, etc. (few exceptions aside like the new persona going on that case they is most likely aiming for the strong western sales they got from persona 3 and 4 on playstation systems).

Even sony their selves, they aren't running the playstation brand like they were in the ps1 and 2 days...their 1st/2nd party stuff nowadays is mostly things that is catering to western tastes, basically going after the same crowd the xbox brand does. If anything, if you want a ton of japanese support then the 3DS is the obvious option at this point (what with monster hunter making the sales blow up in japan this december, and the Wii U itself getting a pretty big sales jump over there again because of monster hunter). If I had to take a wild guess, the Wii U might actually end up being "the jrpg system" in the future, even more so now that nintendo has the monster hunter franchise in lock, which brings in hardware sales from the japanese (and in the long run japanese companies follow their japanese playerbase...which is looking like the nintendo systems at the moment).

Now whether we get ports of said japanese games on the 3DS and Wii U is a whole nother' ballgame =/

While I do think and know exactly what your talking about, I'm just looking at that slight chance. If you look at the Wii U, it's main focus is the tablet and moving. Most JRPG's probably would want to cater to the regular controller in hand games. I kinda look at it like I look at the Wii this generation. There were barely any JRPG's on the Wii (Not saying that there ISN'T any, just saying that not as much as say the PS3), now I might not know the reason for this (maybe your handheld prediction) but their weren't many. I just think that if at least some, even if it's a small trickle of JRPG's come out they will probably be on the PS4.
Now that handheld prediction is something that I believe also. The 3DS and PSVita has a ton of JRPG's on it already and they have been released for only a year now. It kinda sucks to think that most Japanese devs will go to handhelds only due to cost but it's something I believe also.
The only thing I do know is whether the PS4, Wii U, or 720 gets the most Japanese support, that's when I'll know what to spend my money on.
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User Info: CooperRC

4 years ago#69
The drop in quality of JRPG's has me considering abandoning consoles and moving back to PC gaming next generation.

User Info: savagechild89

4 years ago#70
i dont really have brand loyalty but sony has been my company of choice since they got into the gaming business.

that said i usually always get every console. (have all 3 now and even bought a wii u)
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