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Is it me or do video games get blamed for all the violence in the world?

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  3. Is it me or do video games get blamed for all the violence in the world?

User Info: EternalDivide

4 years ago#21
Not in the world but certainly here in America. Every time there's a random act of violence that captures the attention of the media the first scapegoat is gaming. Use to be music/tv/films/comics before, it's just that gaming is the most recent popular entertainment medium.

This latest school shooting steered the scapegoat cross hairs onto gun laws this time though. Which is still just another scapegoat. And Jon Stewart and his ilk can put up all the clever liberal nonsense he wants but at the end of the day this and all other events like it are not caused because of loose gun laws or video gaming desensitizing society. It's caused by a random lunatic. A lone maniac that more often than not is a walking mental case that those around him are aware of even if they haven't been officially diagnosed.
So if any issue needs to be spotlighted due to this, it's without a doubt the role the state needs to play in getting suspected loons medical attention or throwing them in the loony bin. And as old fashioned as I know that sounds, that's something that needs to be publicly discussed before jumping on an unrelated issue.
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User Info: Rennik Repotsir

Rennik Repotsir
4 years ago#22
It's you... Take a break from the internet...
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User Info: deprofundis442

4 years ago#23
Its not just games, it's metal music and hip hop, it's atheism, it's movies, it's vaccines, it's GMO foods, etc.

What gets blamed depends on who you ask. This board, being a gaming board, simply just focuses on the game blaming.

User Info: osboes

4 years ago#24
If only video games weren't around. That poor bludgeoned caveman would still be alive today.

lol inbefore fail post

User Info: osboes

4 years ago#25
edit immunity ^

User Info: GrandMast3r

4 years ago#26
Violence is a part of human nature. Some do it, some don't. There have been far worse crimes against human life caused by violent acts from other humans way before any form of media existed.

Want to tell me who is to blame for all the sick slaughterings of innocent people in ancient cities such as Rome, Athens, Sparta, Mexico, China, etc, in ancient times? What about genocides and holocausts in various countries? Mind you, the leaders who caused the formation amd initiation of these plans must have had MENTAL ISSUES such as the psychopaths who go on killing sprees today.

I've played violent games throughout my late childhood until today, now I'm 31. Clean record, no criminal history, never layed a finger on a single individual with an act of violence (except in H.S. trying to defend myself from being jumped). So there you have it, just my 2 cents.

User Info: nurnberg

4 years ago#27
The talibans in the tribal regions of Afghanistan obviously play too many video games.
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User Info: Sun Xiao

Sun Xiao
4 years ago#28
I am sure you'd say you're glad that you don't live in 1930's. Violence during 1930's might be worst era ever while they didn't have video games either. Not mention they had machine guns too.

Hate Crimes
Great Depression

Saint Valentine's Day Massacre might be most famous event during 1930's.

Basically, you will blame on not just video games but movies, literature, computers, books, and histories as well because those can influence on someone. Many people love to make video games scapegoats like NRA and politics did while they forgot that we always have violence problems since America founded.
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User Info: kuter

4 years ago#29
I throw my bread on the counter every day. I'm pretty sure a psy would tell me im trying to throw a grenade or something..
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