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I can not get into playing Resident Evil 6.

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User Info: SamusFarron

4 years ago#21
The negative press is what convinced me to buy it, strangely enough. I thought to myself that a game with such a huge amount of effort put into it couldn't be that bad, because the press made it sound like a truly abysmal game.

My feelings on it were largely mixed, I neither liked nor hated it. RE6's biggest problem for me was that it merely sought to exist, and not much more. Cliches and stereotypes defined the game, and some extremely wonky mechanics fuzzied what could have actually been a solid shooter. The game as a whole just seemed to fall back on following in the footsteps of every other braindead shooter this gen, and that was disappointing. Not to mention, in true RE fashion, the story was bland as can be - despite attempts to seemingly set up something a bit more involving with the four campaign approach.

I'm not upset that I played it, or even that I payed for it. Bottom line is that while not as horrible as often claimed to be, the game severely fell short of previous RE titles (including the already shaky, IMO, RE5). It was just another mediocre action shooter, nothing more and nothing less.

User Info: Rygon

4 years ago#22
zombiehunting84 posted...
Rygon posted...
zombiehunting84 posted...
Its a good game but an absolutely horrible Resident Evil game. Should have changed all the characters and pulled out all references and slapped a new title on it and it would have been a decent game.

If the only bad things are aesthetics why is it a bad game?

Re-read and point out where i said bad game?

Is bad not after decent? What's in between?

User Info: kennyffx

4 years ago#23
I liked the leon and helena campaign..... *sigh* and even that's too much to handle aha.
PSN: kennyffx

User Info: TheRavenKC

4 years ago#24
There are way too many QTE's, and in Chris' chapter 5 when you have to run for your life and the camera keeps changing direction was the worst part for me. But overall I enjoyed all 4 campaigns and still play it sometimes. Play Like A Raven
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  3. I can not get into playing Resident Evil 6.

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