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Last game you bought, and what's next?

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Gandalf the Istari 4 years ago#151
Last: ToGf (only got a ps3 around thanksgiving)

next: Ni No Kuni

User Info: Arin_Apokolips

4 years ago#152
Bully on PSN

Next game will probably be GTA 5
The world is your playground.

User Info: Wii306

4 years ago#153
Last: Persona 3 FES (Yeah, I'm behind.)
Next: Nothing on tap... probably Tales of Xillia. (I don't buy games that often.)
Currently Playing: P3F, LoL

User Info: bluedragon619

4 years ago#154
Can't remember and god knows what, says a bit about the state of the gaming world and quality of late
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User Info: Nightmare966

4 years ago#155

Metal Gear Rising is cutting next.

PSN: Nightmare966


4 years ago#156
last: black ops 2 Next gta 5

User Info: huyi

4 years ago#157
Last: dmc
Next: hitman HD collection
UK Female Gamer
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User Info: twistedreality1

4 years ago#158
ohmyupoorchild posted...
Last bought: Rocksmith.

Ni no Kuni is next.

Odd, same here got rocksmith last weekend. Preordered and paid off ni no kuni wednesday
360-twistedreality6 PSN-twistedreality1 NNID-twistedreality

User Info: Sheria_K

4 years ago#159
Last ~ Mizzurna Falls (PS1)

Next ~ Ni No Kuni
Currently Playing: Panzer Dragoon Saga, Gray Matter and Alone in the Dark 3.

User Info: OHJOY90

4 years ago#160
Last: Trine 2

Next: Lego City Undercover
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