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Last game you bought, and what's next?

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User Info: bigtiggie23

4 years ago#21
Darksiders if you count getting it for free from PSN it is my newest game. If not then TTT2 and Jeopardy. I plan on getting Wheel of Fortune as soon as I get to the store and get a PSN card.
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User Info: Ghetto_ninja

4 years ago#22
Twisted Metal with the controller bundle. Ascension and DI Riptide are next.
PSN ID: Psychonik

User Info: SquareSide

4 years ago#23
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
Ni No Kuno or/& Fire Emblem Awakening
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User Info: Seifer_us

4 years ago#24
Spelunker Collection yesterday, which I hope to 100% before this next weekend is out because next week I'm getting, you guessed it, Ni no Kuni.
PSN ID: Shawnji
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User Info: DJ_Taco

4 years ago#25
Last: CoD 4 Next: CoD BO1
Currently playing: Uncharted 3, Minecraft, Call of duty 4: Modern Warfare. Owns PSP, PS3, PC. PSN: DJ_Taco14. Skype: DJ_Taco14

User Info: fire2box

4 years ago#26
airmech on Steam.. next is likely The Cave also on Steam.
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User Info: Joey2cool

4 years ago#27
Last: Anarchy Reigns
Next: Hitman HD
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User Info: Aarosmashguy27

4 years ago#28
Last game. Mass Effect Trilogy just a week ago. I've almost beaten the first game and look forward to the next two.

Next game. Fire emblem 3DS, Dead Space 3.

User Info: SDFan18

4 years ago#29
Last game I bought was Hitman Absolution. Next game I get will be MGS: Revengeance or GoW: Ascension.
"Welcome to nowhere and finding out where it is."

User Info: Silver_Ogre

4 years ago#30
Last bought: Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2

Next purchase will be out of MGS4, Nier, DMC4, Soulcalibur 4/5, Tekken 6, and TTT2.
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