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If COD was exclusive to Xbox, i think it would help Playstation Gamers inTheEnd

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  3. If COD was exclusive to Xbox, i think it would help Playstation Gamers inTheEnd

User Info: monkeyman0111

4 years ago#1
Warning; This is Just an opinion, don't get your Hot Tamales in a Bunch.

Call me crazy, but Xbox is known for it's shooters, and while a lot of them could be found on Playstation, a larger portion of the pie is earned by Xbox fans. That's not a terrible thing either.

However, I see that if Xbox took COD as an exclusive title, it would solidfy Xbox as the system for Shooter. Again this isn't a bad thing IMO because...
1: I'm kind of over the COD series, so that's my personal reason.
2: you would start to see more diversity between the two Ecosystems (PS4 and 720)
2.5: In my opinion, the PS3 and 360 are still too similar, and a lot of arguments about which is better are pretty petty. (But I understand people like to defend their system of choice.)
2.75: We could have more interesting discussions about why we chose our respective machines.
3: With Xbox having three Big Shooter titles caged off (Halo, COD, and Gears), It would force Playstation to diversify it's library more greatly from the Xbox. (In other words, It would be too financially risky to concentrate money on a new Shooter Heavy IP's trying to defeat Xbox.)
4: It could make it a little less risky for 3rd party companies over time.
4.5: Some companies just don't have the funds they can risk on developing multiplatform titles, meaning a more segmented audience for each system.
5: Overall this could lower the risk factor of making games in this highly competitive (and slightly broken) market

What do you think? Yes? No? Waffles?
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4 years ago#2
CoD is REQUIRED for home consoles. This is a fact.

CoD is too big to not have no matter if people like it or not. Each one break sales records and the stuff they put out people crave. Not the best game but it's a winning formula that works.

User Info: paris_in_flames

4 years ago#3
But the fact that their kind of a like is good thing.
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User Info: Erupt50

4 years ago#4
Terrible idea. You'd piss off way too many customers. Sales would bomb.
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User Info: An0therBK

4 years ago#5
"The CoD" is greedy and wants to squeeze every penny out of gamers they can. This would NEVER happen.

And yes. I call this horribleness "The CoD". It's like a disease.
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User Info: calhoun1389

4 years ago#6
I disagree. If anything, more games need to be shared. My personal belief is that if it isn't published by the console's owner, then it should be multiplatform. Console exclusivity only promotes these petty arguments and reduces maximum potential profit for companies.
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  3. If COD was exclusive to Xbox, i think it would help Playstation Gamers inTheEnd

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